Huawei Site Kit Changes Maps and Finding Addresses


Huawei is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. One reason why is because they simply stand out. This is despite the ban placed on them by the United States. Yet, they have found ways to thrive and grow. One way they have done that is through their site kit.

Like you already know, Huawei has released the HMS core. This is made up of about seven crucial services that app developers and users can enjoy. The site kit is one of them. However, that’s not all the HMS core has to offer.

The Huawei Mobile Service (HMS) is a consortium of different app services such as the Account Kit, location kit, wallet kit, site kit, analytics kit, ad kit, push kit, scan kit, etc.

In this article, we are going to be discussing the site kit. We’re also going to look at how it helps users to experience better location tracking.

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What is the Huawei Site Kit?

This site kit gives developers the platform to create apps that users can easily explore and interact with. It enables users to have the best UX experience they can ever imagine.

With the Huawei site kite, app developers will be able to integrate place search as well as other features. These features are perfect for applications that offer location-based services.

Here’s how the Huawei Site kit is changing the way we look at maps and addresses

One of the most interesting features of the Huawei Site Kit is its Geocoding and location search/suggestion feature. The HMS makes advance provision for that through its Location and Map Kits, but the site kit also aids in that line.

For those who don’t know what geocoding is, it’s simply a process of changing a place’s location whether it’s a coordinate or an address, to a point on the earth’s surface? Through the Huawei Site Kit, users can change their location coordinates to a street address, and vice versa.

If that isn’t amazing, then a few things in the world are.

The Place Autocomplete Feature

Furthermore, the Huawei Site Kit allows users to find out more detail about a particular location irrespective of where they are across the globe. This feature is great for first-time visitors and tourists.

There is also the ‘place autocomplete’ feature. It allows users to search for nearby places. Once the site kit accesses the user’s current location, it shows nearby (known) places around. A great feature for tourists as well.

Looking for a long list of places? Not to worry! The Huawei Site Kit has got you covered. Once it accesses the user’s current location, it brings up a long list of suggested places around. It makes this such a seamless experience for them.

Final thoughts

Still, have doubts?

With this site kit, developers can create apps that can be accessible by millions of people around the world. These and many more are reasons why developers should create their apps through the Huawei Site Kit.

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