Does Huawei Use Google Services?


Are you planning on buying a Huawei phone? If you are, then you must be thrilled. Huawei is one of the biggest phones around right now. They have done a tremendous job on their phones. However, you might be wondering if Huawei uses Google services on their phones.

In this article, we are going to discuss this and some alternatives you can use. I believe you will find this article really interesting.

So stick around.

Does Huawei Have Google Services?

The answer is no, at least in their latest flagship phones. As you are probably aware, Huawei is a Chinese company and Google is American. The trade wars between China and America brews on and this has unfortunately affected the smartphone industry.

This means that Google and all its packages such as YouTube will not be available on Huawei. However, this isn’t bad news because Huawei has moved fast to quench any uneasy feelings. Enter the Huawei mobile services.

What is Huawei Mobile Services?

Also known as the HMS, this is a platform that seeks to replace the void left by Google. It comes with about seven major services. This includes Huawei cloud storage as well as the Huawei ID.

What the HMS seeks to create is an ecosystem very similar to what Google has created for itself. Now, if you are thinking that Huawei mobile services are just newly started, you will be wrong. The HMS has existed for a long time. However, it just took on greater importance right now.

The Components of the HMS

Here are some of the best part of the HMS

Huawei ID

Similar to a Google account, the Huawei ID seeks to let you set your preferences on your smartphone. This includes how you save your contacts as well as your passwords. Your ID takes in this information and creates your own ecosystem.

Huawei Assistant

This is pretty much the sister app to the Google Assistant App. It helps you get all the information you need on the web. It also allows you to see pretty much every other thing like sports and finance.

The Mobile Cloud Services

This service will help you become closer to all your important data. It helps you keep them in one place and grants you easy access to it when desired.

It comes with about 5GB free storage and includes an extension purchase option up to 2TB. It is also possible to access all your data using your PC. That’s incredible, isn’t it?

Will You Miss Google Services?

Some other things that come with the HMS include the Huawei themes, music, videos, browser, and gallery. Will you even miss Google services with the Huawei phones? Not likely. It comes with just about everything that you have ever wanted.

Interested in using Huawei mobile services? If you are, then getting a Huawei phone is the best way to achieve this.

Huawei phones are here to stay. Not even a ban from Google can affect the second-largest smartphone maker in the world. It is like fighting a battle that has already ended.

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