Reasons Why Honor MagicBook Pro Is Ideal For You


Every time a new laptop hits the market, bloggers, tech journalists, and influencers are the first to have their say about it. Then there are the regular buyers through their reviews. And of course, there are so many reviews that sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish what’s honest and what’s been influenced by other factors.

What makes our approach different than most other reviews is that we combine the best with the worst features of the Honor MagicBook Pro.

Here’s what we got.

Things we like about the Honor MagicBook Pro

  • The Honor MagicBook prouses the Ryzen 5 4600H CPU, which means great performance and excellent user experience.
  • The £ 849.99 asking price is ridiculously low, considering the amount of hardware packed in the Honor MagicBook Pro.
  • Free Windows 10 Home Edition
  • It’s lightweight, just 1.7 kg. For a laptop of this size, 16.1 inches, everything below the 2 kg threshold is great news. Most people find it easy to carry it around, holding it in just one hand.
  • 16 GB of DDR4 RAM and 512 SSD provide massive support for AMD’s Ryzen processor. It is a powerful combination that makes multitasking a breeze. 
  • Its 56 Wh battery also punches well above the industry standards for laptops of this size. Users can comfortably get 11 hours of usage on a single charge. According to a recent independent test, the Honor MagicBook Pro battery lasted almost 12 hours of web surfing and the occasional YouTube. Then, the fast charging option allows you to charge the battery to 50% in just half an hour.
  • The 90% screen-to-body ratio is also largely appreciated and is only possible because of the small camera hidden in the keyboard. 
  • Great speakers that produce excellent sound. Both speakers are placed on each of the sides. 

Things we did not like about the Honor MagicBook Pro

  • Limited upgradability because of the soldered RAM. 16 GB of DDR4 RAM is no small thing, but that’s what you are stuck with forever.
  • The intergraded GPU is also something that is disliked by many people. The Radeon RX Vega 6 GPU is good for some new games, but not for all. For example, you can play GTA V, but only if you dial down the resolution. Other than that, you can comfortably play almost all battle royal and MOBA games.
  • The 1MP pop-out camera that sits between the keys. It simply doesn’t look nice. 
  • The windows office that comes with its Free Windows 10 is only a trial version that lasts just 30 days. 

In Conclusion

Now when you know all the good sides of the new Honor MagicBook Pro, as well as the less likable ones, it is much easier to conclude whether this is the right laptop for you or not. Furthermore, it is not that difficult to realize whether this laptop will meet all of your needs or not. So, the choice of whether to buy it or not shouldn’t be that difficult to make.

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