What are Wi-Fi Walkie Talkies and How Do They Work?


Traditional walkie-talkies are small phone-like portable devices featuring a transmitter and receiver. They are used for communicating over a limited range by sending and receiving radio waves. These devices used radio waves to facilitate wireless communication. Modern Wi-Fi walkie-talkies are a twist on these conventional communication devices. Find out what these new gadgets do and how they work.

What are Wi-Fi Powered Walkie Talkies?

Wi-Fi walkie talkies are designed to enable communication over wireless internet connectivity. They are not compatible with conventional 2-way radios but provide many other benefits to users. You can rely on your current Wi-Fi system for these devices.

Some of the main features of a wifi walkie talkie are as follows:

  • These devices are connected through a server and IP addresses
  • If you have a business with multiple locations, you can communicate across different facilities. You can also communicate globally over your existing VPN as long as Wi-Fi is available at each location.

It is important to note that certain additional equipment will be required for your Wi-Fi enabled devices to communicate.


A modern wifi walkie talkie enables communication by transmitting data packets over the web. This offers certain advantages in the form of:

  • Flexibility in terms of range
  • Ability to talk to other locations in your organization
  • Good coverage

The technology allows you to talk to another Wi-Fi connected device located anywhere in the world, as long as it is within your organization. It is essential that the device is connected to Wi-Fi. Some of these walkie talkie models come with the feature to add a SIM card. This helps ensure perpetual Wi-Fi connectivity.

Wi-Fi Walkie Talkies & Their Range

Wi-Fi based 2-way radios can transmit over an existing Wi-Fi network or using their SIM card. Depending on the availability of a Wi-Fi network, their range can extend from just around the campus to all over the country.

When using these devices, it is important to know that there can be compatibility issues across different brands. Different brands use different proprietary technologies. This can limit your ability to communicate with other users who are using different brands of Wi-Fi walkie talkies.

Applications of Wi-Fi Walkie Talkies

There are some industries where wi-fi walkie talkies can find widespread application. Some of the best examples include the following:

  • Hotels: Hotels usually employ a large number of people. Wi-Fi walkie talkies can help establish an instant mode of communication between the employees.
  • Construction: This sector involves employees always busy with the transportation of heavy materials or working with machinery. The use of these walkie talkies can enable effective and instant communication and coordination, thus enhancing safety.
  • Security: The security industry has long relied on two-way communication systems. The use of walkie talkies allows security personnel to communicate reliably in all kinds of situations.

Wi-Fi walkie talkies find widespread application in many other industries and fields. When considering your options, it is important to evaluate the different technologies.

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