Why Geniatech E-Ink Tablets Are the Future of Digital Reading?


The evolution of technology in the past decade has revolutionized how you read and write. Earlier, students and professionals were only familiar with paper and ink to write and read. The problem is that the inks are not environmentally friendly and utilize chemicals in manufacturing. This is the case with paper, which uses trees and fossil fuels in manufacturing.

Both harm the environment and induce negative impacts that will affect future generations. This is where the geniatech E-ink tablet comes into play. You can write and read using these tablets without using ink and paper. Wondering how? Click here to uncover the enticing facts on E-ink tablet overview and incredible perks.

E-ink Tablet – A Short Rundown

The E-ink tablet is a tablet that offers you a real paper feel. You can experience reading real physical notes and paper. By purchasing this tablet, you will get a pressure-sensitive stylus that contributes to the paper writing feel. Using it, you can take notes during the class and highlight the meeting points in the office.

The e-ink tablet works in an electromagnetic way. The tablet contains microcapsules with many tiny particles featuring positive and negative charges. When you set up the electromagnetic field, these corresponding charges take the shape of text and a white background, as you experience in the book.

What Benefits You Can Harness Using E-ink Tablet?

The E-ink tablet brings a plethora of benefits to the table. Some of the highly notable ones are:

Support Multiple Formats

The E-ink tablet supports multiple document formats. The key formats that it supports include PDF, Docx, XLS, PPT, HTML, ODT. etc. You are going to be able to handle various document formats. An option exists to upload any document to your E-ink tablet and read it on the go. There is nothing you need to do on your end.

Custom Fonts

The built-in software of the E-ink tablet allows you to change the fonts whenever you want. The option exists to change from the light to bold Calibri to Arial, etc. The hundreds of fonts come with the purchase of the E-ink tablet. You can also upload the desired fonts to the E-ink tablet. This way, this tablet offers a personalized reading and writing experience.

Convenient Page Turning

You are going to feel free while page-turning. The quad-core processor lets you quickly turn the book’s pages on an E-ink tablet. You are not going to experience any lagging. This leads to the effort of free reading and writing. There are multiple temples exist, each featuring a different style. You can choose anyone depending on your needs. These tablets are truly cost-effective in the long run.

Safety Password

The E-ink tablet allows you to protect your notes or documents. You can do this by setting up a strong custom password. This way, you can limit the accessibility of specific notes. You can protect your documents and notes so no one can alter your documents. Invest in the remarkable geniatech innovation to witness the perks.

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