The role of Likes And Dislikes in YouTube Videos


As a YouTuber, while you get happy for the likes, shares, and subscriptions on your channel, you shouldn’t also get sad when you see people dislike YouTube videos┬áthat you’ve posted. This is because both have different roles to play in your content. While likes help to boost your visibility, the later it becomes too much, helps to discredit your art.

However, it shouldn’t serve as a cause to fret as both of them serve their importance. To further elaborate on this, we’ve come up with the different roles that dislike and likes play in our video content as well as what you need to do about them.

What role do likes and dislikes play in YouTube video content?

If you care to find out the different duties of these factors of engagement (likes and dislikes) on your YouTube channel, then here’s what you need to know below:


One of the most popular ways to get your brand to be seen by a large number of people is by putting it out on YouTube. This can be done through the use of consistent quality videos. To be able to get enough likes on your YouTube videos, you must ensure that you maintain an apt description of the video. You can implement relevant keywords that will help you to attract the target audience.

When creating video content, ensure that you do your best to put out only relevant content. If you’re good with your videos, then yes possible to get your subscribers to give you a ton of likes on it. The more you receive lots of likes, the more your content starts to rank higher in the YouTube search engine.

While creating a video, you should aim to get at least 1000 likes. This would help your channel to be linked with associated videos in your niche.

2. Dislikes

On the other hand, having dislikes in your videos is great. They help to encourage that engagement on your content as people may sometimes share it as bad content which in turn gets you more views.

However, you must ensure that you deviate from always uploading YouTube videos that are below par. If you have as many as 1000 dislikes, the YouTube algorithm will push your video to the back thereby reducing its credibility. So as a YouTuber, you must remain careful while making videos for your brand. Enable thumbnail, keywords, and product description to help convince your audience better.


Likes and dislikes have a major role to play when it comes to the increase of your YouTube channel. If more people love your video, it means you have succeeded in making more people happy with your content. But if it says otherwise (more dislikes), it means you need to improve in certain areas. YouTube Marketing of your product starts with understanding these features and also learning how to put them both to good use to attain great results.

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