Methods of Transferring Whatsapp Messages from Android to iPhone


Transferring Whatsapp messages, regular text messages and other essential documents of either video or audio format from android to iOS or vice versa has never been easy. At the very least not up until now. What has changed? Backuptrans Whatsapp transfer- iPhone to Android has brought about significant changes here. Among the FAQs for Whatsapp, it is clearly stated that iCloud or Google Drive would be ineffective as methods of transferring Whatsapp messages. In other words, you cannot save your Whatsapp messages on these cloud services and download them using a different operating system.

So basically, android operated devices cannot download Whatsapp messages from iCloud. While iOS devices cannot download Whatsapp messages from Google Drive. But as mentioned earlier the situation is not entirely hopeless. There are effective methods of transferring Whatsapp messages today.

Do the Methods of Transferring Whatsapp Messages have Restrictions?

Methods of transferring Whatsapp messages can be used on all mobile devices. Whether android operated mobile devices or iOS driven devices. As for iPhones, Backuptrans can be used for all iPhones from iPhone 8 to iPhone 12 Pro Max. This makes it possible for you to make the needed transfer of messages to just about any iPhone you are currently using.

This is also applicable to android devices. Regardless of the make, Backuptrans can most likely be used on the device. Some of the devices which could be used include but are not limited to:

  • Samsung
  • Oppo
  • One Plus
  • Huawei
  • Motorola
  • Xiaomi

Methods of Transferring Whatsapp Messages

There are two major ways or methods through which you could go about transferring your Whatsapp messages. We will be very briefly shedding some light on these two methods and how you could go about them.

  1. Method 1: This method is carried out by way of direct transfer. This means a direct way of sending your messages straight from your android device to your iPhone. You would need to connect both the Android device and iPhone to the computer via USB connections. However, you need to have already installed the most recent version of iTunes for this method to work. Follow the tips displayed thereafter.
  2. Method 2: This particular method is number two for a reason. It is advised that you move to method two only when method one does not work. Most likely as a result of an occurrence where the transfer software does not detect your iPhone. This method involves transfer from iPhone to Android using iTunes.

While method 1 is usually more preferred, method2 could be just as effective. So, if method1 does not work, do not shy against using method 2 for your backup and transfer.


File loss might be a consideration that holds a lot of people back from making use of these methods of transferring Whatsapp messages. If one happens to fall into this group of people experiencing this particular doubt, do not let it freak you out. There are various positive reviews that you could check for online to calm your nerves. Use backuptrans` methods of transferring Whatsapp messages today and regain your messages at your convenience.

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