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Budapest stages Hungary / Norway demo

The searches at the Budapest-based Okotars Foundation and Demnet, which distribute grant aid to local campaign groups from Norway, took place on Monday.

The Norwegian government called the police action “unacceptable”.

Demonstrators in rainy, grey downtown Budapest called for an end to what they see as government intimidation of civil society groups.

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Merkel’s Frenemies Give Stage to EU Critic of Her Refugee Policy

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban claimed credit for shielding Germany from migration in a dig at Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose sister party gave him a platform to criticize her refugee policy.

Two days before talks on forming a new German government, Merkel’s Bavarian allies hosted Orban in a reminder of her open-borders stance that provoked domestic and European rifts and has complicated her path to a fourth term. Orban is among eastern leaders who reject a Merkel-backed plan to resettle refugees across the European Union.

“We were organizing border protection at a time when other places in Europe were celebrating chaos and a breakdown of law and order,” Orban told reporters at a meeting of Bavaria’s ruling Christian Social Union party at an Alpine hotel on Friday. “As I said two years ago, you can count on me as the captain of your border protection.”

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Milo Yiannopoulos to speak at Hungary-funded V4 event

Far-right commentator Milo Yiannopoulos is slated to speak at an event funded by the Hungarian government in January.

website promoting Hungary’s presidency of the Visegrad group, comprising the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, has published the agenda of “The Future of Europe” meeting.

The conservative provocateur adheres to a “West is best” mantra, taking a stance against immigration and refugees.

He once told a radio host that if Australians allowed 12,000 Syrian refugees to stay in their country, it would result in their “daughters being raped”.

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Viktor Orban’s oligarchs: a new elite emerges in Hungary

Prime minister has cultivated a group of friendly businessmen in what critics call crony capitalism

Across the road from Viktor Orban’s modest farmhouse in his childhood village of Felcsut stands a temple to the Hungarian prime minister’s passion: football. With a slate roof and wooden supports evoking illustrations from Hungarian folklore, the Pancho Arena — from the nickname of Ferenc Puskas, widely regarded as the country’s greatest footballer — seats 3,800.

The population of Felcsut, about 45km west of Budapest, is little more than 1,600. At the end of the road runs a narrow-gauge railway along which, three times a day, a little red tourist train chugs 6km to an even smaller village, Alcsutdoboz, where Mr Orban lived until he was 10.

Képtalálat a következőre: „LORINC MESZAROS”

The train, closed in the 1970s but reopened last year with €2m EU funding, is largely empty most days. The railway and stadium have been pilloried by the prime minister’s critics as vanity projects. But they have something else in common. Both were built, in part, by Felcsut’s mayor, and a childhood friend of Mr Orban, Lorinc Meszaros.

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George Soros attacks ‘hate-mongering’ of Viktor Orban’s Hungary

George Soros, the billionaire investor, has denounced a campaign waged against him by the Hungarian government, accusing Viktor Orban, the prime minister, of casting him as an “external enemy” in a bid to mislead voters and cling to power.

Mr Soros, who has allocated billions of dollars to his pro-democracy and human rights foundations, told the Financial Times he had resisted responding publicly to the attacks from Mr Orban but it was time to speak out. He said he now fears for the safety of civil society groups that his foundation supports after Mr Orban said he would press the country’s spy agencies into monitoring their activities.

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Visegrad 4 cools on Europe, and each other

Doubts grow on how bloc of 65 million can function at critical time in EU history.

Central Europe’s unity is cracking.

The common purpose the region rediscovered during the refugee crisis has frayed in recent months amid differences over matters large and small, concerning everything from regulatory fine print to the future of Europe.

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In Hungary, Viktor Orban’s favorite mayor goes on a shopping spree

Lorinc Meszaros is no ordinary mayor. He runs a village in Hungary. He also owns publishers, hotels, a nuclear engineering firm and a bank. His shopping list is believed to be written by Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

The stock price of Opimus Global Nyrt., the owner of Hungary’s biggest media empire has been rising steeply and steadily. Shares bought for 40 Hungarian forints a piece (€0.13) last December, are now worth 328 forints, an eight-fold increase.

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