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Lily Allen takes Twitter break after drinking allegations

Lily Allen is taking a Twitter break to focus on her next album after receiving criticism for her alleged heavy drinking at London’s Notting Hill Carnival.

The Smile singer appeared to overindulge on the booze at the annual U.K. street party over the weekend (27-28Aug16) and was pictured drinking a variety of alcoholic drinks before being carried away by her rumoured boyfriend MC Meridian Dan after reportedly passing out.

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68 million Dropbox passwords stolen by hackers

Earlier this week, Dropbox reset user passwords for all accounts that hadn’t changed them since 2012, following its discovery of a file containing hashed and salted passwords that were obtained in a previous security breach.

Now, Motherboard reports that the company’s systems were hacked in 2012, and the attackers were able to get away with 68 million usernames and passwords. The legitimacy of the data was verified by Motherboard and vouched for by security expert Troy Hunt.

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To Travel Like a CIA Agent, Keep Your Story Simple


To avoid increased scrutiny at airports, the CIA recommends its covert operatives have simple and plausible responses to the two questions most frequently asked at airport screenings: Why are you here? Where are you staying?

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If The Characters Of “Friends” Had The Internet


Rachel would be your worst nightmare as a friend on Facebook, regularly changing her relationship status to “it’s complicated” — it’s not; her and Ross have just had a small argument — and humblebragging constantly.


Tinder / Warner Bros. / BuzzFeed

Tinder / Warner Bros. / BuzzFeed
Joey would be a full-time Tinder player, although his charm wouldn’t come across through online messaging. He’d eventually delete the app after regularly stumbling across people he’s dated in the real world.


Pinterest / BuzzFeed
The quintessential Pinterest user, Monica would spend her evenings obsessively organising her many created pinboards and occasionally criticising the boards of others.


LinkedIn / Warner Bros. / BuzzFeed
Ross would hate all social media but still have a LinkedIn profile because apparently “that doesn’t count”.


Youtube / Warner Bros. / BuzzFeed
An uploaded video of “Smelly Cat” on YouTube would go viral, although not as much as the Auto-Tuned version, which would make Phoebe internet famous. She’d continue posting videos and gain a small but devoted fandom on the site.


Twitter / Warner Bros. / BuzzFeed
Chandler would almost definitely have a Twitter account, where he’d be tweeting terrible, but very occasionally OK-ish puns to a decent follower count.


Google+ / Warner Bros. / BuzzFeed
Gunther made one post on Google+ in 2011. He still regularly checks to see if anyone’s responded to it yet.

Fukushima mutant daisies: Deformed flowers spotted at Japan’s disaster site

Fukushima mutant flowers and deformed daisies
Fukushima mutant daisies go viral after deformed flowers spotted at crash site(@San_kaido via Twitter)

Photographs of deformed daisies are doing the rounds in cyberspace, four years after the deadly Fukushima nuclear incident in Japan.

The white flowers are claimed to be the latest in the long-list of victims, which have experienced deformation over nuclear disasters.

The images of the deformed flowers were posted by Twitter user @San_kaido from Nasushiobara city, located about 110kms from Fukushima.

The tweet the user posted read: “The right one grew up, split into 2 stems to have 2 flowers connected each other, having 4 stems of flower tied belt-like. The left one has 4 stems grew up to be tied to each other and it had the ring-shaped flower. The atmospheric dose is 0.5 μSv/h at 1m above the ground.”

According to gardening experts the abnormal growth that distorts the heads of daisies and other wildflowers is caused by hormonal imbalance.

Called fasciation (or cresting) is a relatively rare condition of abnormal growth in vascular plants.Fasciation may cause plant parts to increase in weight and volume.

In March 2011, there was a meltdown in three of Fukushima’s six nuclear reactors due to the devastating tsunami which struck the region. Japan continues to grapple with the scale of the disaster. Earlier, reports said some fruits and vegetables became mutated after the nuclear leak got mixed with ground water.

Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo Rips Donald Trump Via Twitter Following Second Prison Break

Donald Trump and El Chapo Guzman

Mexico’s fugitive drug lord and his supporters hit back after Donald Trump threatens to “kick ass”

Joaquin “El Chapo” (Shorty) Guzman, the fugitive Mexican drug lord, appeared on Monday night to be taunting authorities and threatening US presidential hopeful Donald Trump while on the run.

The country’s most notorious cartel leader broke out of a maximum-security jail at the weekend in a Hollywood-style escape that saw him scurrying down an elaborate, mile-long tunnel dug under his cell.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

Guzman and his supporters wasted no time lambasting Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto as a “coward” but reserved particular ire for Mr Trump, who has accused Mexico of sending rapists and criminals to America.

A post riddled with obscenities on a Twitter account, reportedly run by the drug lord’s son Ivan, said the billionaire businessman would be made to “swallow his words”.

That was immediately followed by a post suggesting someone would be killed, although it was not clear if that referred to Mr Trump. Associates who had betrayed Guzman were also targeted.

el chapo, donald trump, twitter

He posted a message to Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto saying: ”And you @EPN, don’t call me a delinquent because I give people work unlike you you cowardly politician.’

It could not be determined who had made the comments but the account went on to proclaim that “no cage could hold” El Chapo.

On a separate account linked to Ivan Guzman he had appeared to foretell his father’s escape a week ago, saying:

“Good things come to those who wait.”

Guzman, who is believed to be 58, was widely considered the world’s richest and most powerful drug trafficker before his capture, last year, and cultivated a Robin Hood image among his followers as he ruled over the Sinaloa cartel.

After he escaped guards at Altiplano prison, 55 miles west of Mexico City, entered his cell and found a hole 10 metres deep with a ladder.

It led to a tunnel a mile long and 1.7 metres high, which allowed the diminutive drug lord to walk upright to freedom.

Mr Trump had seized on the prison escape to back up his calls for a wall between the two countries, and said it proved the extent of corruption in Mexico.

He added: “Can you envision Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton negotiating with El Chapo…Trump, however, would kick his ass!”

The entrepreneur’s poll numbers have been rising since last month when he began controversially attacking Mexican illegal immigrants as the cause of problems in the US.

He appeared to be unfazed after being targeted by Guzman and his supporters on social media.

Mr Trump responded: “El Chapo and the Mexican drug cartels use the border unimpeded like it was a vacuum cleaner, sucking drugs and death right into the US. We get the killers, drugs and crime, they get the money.”

But Mr Trump said he had contacted the FBI to investigate the apparent threat.

The property mogul told TMZ: “I’m fighting for much more than myself. I’m fighting for the future of our country which is being overrun by criminals. You can’t be intimidated. It’s too important.”

The escape was a major embarrassment for Mr Pena Nieto. Speaking on a visit to France, he called it “an affront to the state”.

Guatemala launched an operation to secure its border, which Guzman fled across once before.

Mexican prosecutors began questioning 30 prison employees, including the warden, amid suspicions of an inside job.

Mike Vigil, a retired US Drug Enforcement Administration operations chief, said if Guzman was not captured with two days of his escape he may never be found.”

“If he is able to make his way to Sinaloa, his native state, and gets into that mountainous range, it’s going to be very difficult to capture him because he enjoys the protection of local villagers.”

Raul Benitez Manaut, a security expert at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, said: “El Chapo surely planned this from the time he was jailed and had very large internal and external support to escape.

“There certainly was corruption inside and outside the prison. It was a film-like escape.”

Twitter says CEO Dick Costolo to step down July 1; Jack Dorsey to be interim CEO

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo to step down.

UPDATE – The company disclosed the following Thursday:

On June 11, 2015, Twitter, Inc. (“Twitter”) announced that Richard Costolo has decided to step down as Chief Executive Officer of Twitter, effective July 1, 2015. Twitter’s Board of Directors has named Jack Dorsey, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board, to serve as Interim Chief Executive Officer while the Board conducts a search for Twitter’s next CEO.

Mr. Costolo will continue to serve on Twitter’s Board of Directors, and Mr. Dorsey will continue to serve as CEO of Square, Inc., the payments and financial services company he co-founded in 2009.

Mr. Dorsey, 38, is one of Twitter’s co-founders and has served as the Chairman of Twitter’s Board of Directors since October 2008 and as a member of the Board of Directors since May 2007.

Mr. Dorsey served as Twitter’s President and Chief Executive Officer from May 2007 to October 2008. Since February 2009, Mr. Dorsey has served as Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Square, Inc. Mr. Dorsey currently serves on the boards of directors of The Walt Disney Company and Square, Inc.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo laughs off resignation

There are no arrangements or understandings between Mr. Dorsey and any other persons pursuant to which he was selected as Interim Chief Executive Officer.

There are also no family relationships between Mr. Dorsey and any director or executive officer of Twitter and he has no direct or indirect material interest in any transaction required to be disclosed pursuant to Item 404(a) of Regulation S-K.

Twitter entered into an offer letter with Mr. Dorsey on June 11, 2015, which is filed as Exhibit 10.1 to this Current Report on Form 8-K and is incorporated by reference.

Mr. Dorsey has agreed to forego all forms of direct compensation until the Compensation Committee of Twitter’s Board of Directors agrees upon a compensation package for him at the same time that it conducts its annual assessment and setting of executive compensation later in the year.

Közvetlen hivatkozás a képhez

In connection with his change in roles, Mr. Costolo entered into a letter agreement (“Letter Agreement”) with Twitter agreeing to cancel all of his remaining unvested equity after July 1, 2015.

After such date, Mr. Costolo will be entitled to the compensation set forth in Twitter’s Outside Director Compensation Policy, a copy of which has been filed as Exhibit 10.23 to Twitter’s Annual Report on Form 10-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on March 6, 2014.

The foregoing description of the Letter Agreement is qualified in its entirety by reference to the full text of the Letter Agreement, which is filed as Exhibit 10.2 to this Current Report on Form 8-K and is incorporated by reference.

On June 11, 2015, Twitter issued a press release announcing the CEO transition and reaffirming Twitter’s outlook for the second quarter of 2015. A copy of the press release is furnished as Exhibit 99.1 to this Current Report and is incorporated herein by reference.

The information furnished on this Form 8-K, including Exhibit 99.1 attached hereto, shall not be deemed “filed” for purposes of Section 18 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (the “Exchange Act”) or otherwise subject to the liabilities of that section, nor shall it be deemed incorporated by reference into any other filing under the Securities Act of 1933 or the Exchange Act, except as expressly set forth by specific reference in such a filing.

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