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Mesmerizing Photo Manipulations by Ted Chin PHOTOGRAPHY

Ted Chin, photographe et artiste digital installé à San Francisco, nous fait voyager dans des mondes imaginaires à travers ces photographies surréelles. Il affirme sur son compte Instragram créer des images par manque de mots. Chaque photo raconte donc une histoire, celle d’un environnement onirique, souvent peuplé de créatures mythiques, où la poésie défie la nature.


Doors of Lower Haight – California, San Francisco, streets

While waiting for the admiral to get his periscope up, I took some imagery off the walls in the immediate vicinity of Connie Danniel’s, mostly including doors.

San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco

The Seasteading Institute Promotional (VIDEO)

Joe Quirk, co-author of the forthcoming seasteading book, has more than a couple of reasons. Joe was one of dozens who attended the Seasteading Conference 2012 in San Francisco, which brought together dedicated adventure seekers and entrepreneurs looking to transform the ocean into the next frontier for humanity. Every great change throughout history has begun with a group of individuals who dreamt up a desire, and then acted to make their vision a reality. The number of reasons behind the desire to seastead are as numerous as the number of people in our community. Why are you seasteading?

This Banksy Stencil In San Francisco Really Says It All


Everyone’s talking about Banksy yet again, after the celebrated graffitist’s clever rendition of Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring” on the side of a building.

If you’re struggling to understand what Banksy is about, consider this image of his 2010 work on the side of a building in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Arguably one of his most important works, “This’ll look nice when framed” ironically points to Banksy’s philosophy that art can exist outside of traditional venues like museums, galleries, or displays in people’s homes. It can be found anywhere in our busy world.

The stencil’s punchline is that it’s not for sale. It will never look nice in a frame because it cannot be framed.

In further irony, however, even this stencil has been manufactured into prints that people have put up for sale.

DJ John Digweed: eight of the best clubbing capitals


The British DJ and record producer gives us his inside track into the world’s coolest partying destinations


Miami is a year-round clubbing destination catering for everyone from super rich VIPs to underground clubbers looking for the cooler side of electronic music. I just played at Treehouseon South Beach, which has a real quirky feel to its layout and a very relaxed vibe.  British Airways flies to Miami

Watch: John Digweed live at Treehouse, Miami

San Francisco

This is easily one of my favourite cities in the world. San Fran is so beautiful during the day and very lively at night. Mighty is an old warehouse style venue with a state-of-the-art Avalon EAW sound system and super friendly and energetic crowd. I always have so much fun playing here. British Airways flies to San Francisco


India has recently been bitten by the electronic music bug. The last time I was in town I played at a new club called Blue Frog which has several venues throughout the country. The crowd seemed really enthusiastic — there’s a new generation of young people who are working, have disposable cash, and just want to go out and have a good time. Read more: DJ schools in Mumbai 
 British Airways flies to Bombay

Las Vegas

People know Vegas for its mega hotels, casinos and clubs, but it’s also home to one of the world’s biggest music festivals — Electric Daisy Carnival runs over three days (19-21 June 2015) and leads the way in terms of out-of-this-world productions by some of the best DJs in the world.  British Airways flies to Las Vegas

“In Montreal, the crowds party right through to the afternoon on the following day”


For summer clubbing, it you can’t beat anywhere else on the planet. Ibiza has it all — great beaches, restaurants and nightlife. I have a residency at the legendary Pacha in Ibiza Town for its ‘Insane’ Friday night party, running until the first week of October.

British Airways flies to Ibiza

New York

New York is special for me — I was the resident DJ at club called Twilo from five years. The city’s got a great vibe. There’s a club there called Output in Williamsburg, which not only has an amazing sound system, it’s got a no camera/no bottle service/no VIP policy, so it attracts a proper clubbing crowd, without any pretension. I’d rather play for people who want to dance, not people who want to look at a DJ through a camera. British Airways flies to New York


Home of the famous after hours nightclubbing scene (the clubs don’t open until after midnight), Montreal has always been a top city for me to play in. They invest in the clubs there and make them better. Stereo has one of the best sound systems in the world — not to mention a well-educated crowd who sometimes party right through to the afternoon the following day. British Airways flies to Montreal


When it comes to electronic music, Amsterdam Dance Event is the place to be: the five-day conference and festival (14-18 October 2015) features over 2,000 DJs and act, so it’s a great time to network and party at the same time. There are parties on every night of the week across the city. I always host a Bedrock party at the Melkweg to a very up-for-it international crowd.  British Airways flies to Amsterdam

Leap – Your daily commute. Redesigned.

The daily commute has become a massive headache for all San Franciscans. During peak hours, it can be difficult to find a seat on public transit and private car services are expensive and increasingly unpredictable.

Leap takes the stress out of your commute; an affordable ride to work that feels more like a living room than it does a city bus. Start the day relaxed and productive instead of anxious and stressed out.

Made by michaelvictorfilm.com

Inside Twitter’s global headquarters by IA interior architects

situated within a historic 1937 art deco building that once housed the san francisco wholesale furniture mart stands twitter’s new global headquarters, occupying two stories of the existing 11-floor market square complex.

conceived by local studio IA interior architects and lundberg design, the urban campus is the first workspace

developed specifically for the social media platform, which nurtures the creative and social hubs of the organization. throughout,

the multi-level plan is outfitted with subtle uses of the company’s brand language:

the twitter logo and signature blue tones encompass the internal fabric of the space, complemented by a range of wooden millwork and twig motifs.

the once cavernous warehouse implements an expanse of white benching systems and informal seating zones, 

opening up to large and small conference rooms, break areas with pantries, and modular lounges, all complimented by work by local artists.

in addition to a yoga studio, fitness room, and game rooms, the headquarters provides an enormous cafeteria and communal gathering space known as the ‘commons’for employees,

which leads onto the half-acre park-like roof garden. here, staff can hang out by day and enjoy the impressive views of the skyline at night.

staff can hang out on the half-acre park-like roof garden by day and enjoy the impressive views of the skyline at night