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10 ways that running changes your mind and brain

“One 60-minute run can add 7 hours to your life” claimed The Times last week. The story was based on a new review in Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases that concluded that runners live, on average, three years longer than non-runners and that running will do more for your longevity than any other form of exercise. But there’s more to running than its health-enhancing effects. Research published in recent years has shown that donning your trainers and pounding the hills or pavements changes your brain and mind in some intriguing ways, from increasing connectivity between key functional hubs, to helping you regulate your emotions. The precise effects sometimes vary according to whether you engage in intense sprints or long distance running. Here, to coincide with a new feature article in The Psychologist – Minds run free” – we provide a handy digest of the ways that running changes your mind and brain.

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Transylvania 100 – an adventure through the alpine-like scenery of rural Transylvania

Transylvania 100 - May 17, 2014

The Transylvania 100 is a new mountain ultra which crosses one of most beautiful and mysterious regions of eastern Europe.

On May 17th, 2014, runners will assemble on a start-line beneath Dracula’s Castle in the village of Bran, ready for a 100km adventure through the alpine-like scenery of rural Transylvania.

Twisting singletrack, ancient forest trails, mountain plateaus and windswept ridges will link together in a grand, single-lap traverse of the Bucegi Range, climbing and descending more than 6,000 metres before  finishing back at the Castle.

Entries, which open on December 5th, are available to solo runners and teams-of-two, with prizes in both categories. All runners and teams who finish inside the 30-hour time limit will be awarded a special race memento.

For supporters, there’s the chance to see their runners at one of  the high points of the race, thanks to the cable-car ascent to the Bucegi Plateau from Busteni. They can also support at  two further road crossing points – in Busteni town, at the tourist cabana at Bolboci Lake  and, of course, at Dracula’s Castle at the start and finish.