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‘AN INTENTIONAL ACT’: Dozens injured in New York City explosion

  • An explosion in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City went off around 8:30 p.m. ET Saturday night.
  • At least 29 people were injured, one possibly seriously.
  • A second possible device resembling a pressure cooker was found four blocks from the scene of the explosion.
  • NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio calls the explosion “an intentional act.”
  • Currently no evidence of a terror connection.

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11 of the best jazz clubs in the world

What makes a jazz club? The music, of course. The atmosphere. The cultural significance.

As an art form born in African-American communities of the 19th century and expanded in the urban melting pots of the 20th, jazz is the soundtrack of the concrete jungle.

Which makes the jazz club an essential element in any modern city’s ecosystem. Here are some of the best examples.

Village Vanguard, New York City

Village Vanguard, New York City

In a city often hailed as the jazz mecca of the world, Village Vanguard is its black stone, the ultimate place of worship, the quintessential jazz club. From the moment you descend the steep stairway to the small basement venue, you find yourself steeped in the history of jazz. From Bill Evans to Brad Mehldau, and from Sonny Rollins to Joe Lovano and Jason Moran, most of the jazz greats have performed in the same dimly lit subterranean space, adding to the aura of this place that’s a point of reference for the global jazz community.

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That moment when Nick Cave ran into Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood on the streets of NYC

That moment when Nick Cave ran into Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood on the streets of NYC captured by twitter user

An extremely civilised festival for people who are genuinely into music and film. ATP invites a curator for each event to choose all the other bands playing on the bill- like making a mix-tape and then seeing it live. We also have a label, and promote shows in London, throughout the UK and across the world.

What James Gandolfini Did For His Sopranos Co-stars Who Were Screwed Out Of Money

A lot of times when celebrities die, the public decides to remember that actor or actress in the best light, regardless of past shortcomings.

According to his Sopranos co-star Drea de Matteo, James Gandolfini was a fierce champion for those he cared about, and he really cared about everyone he worked with on HBO’s hit show.

He cared about them so much, he took money from his own pocket to help his co-workers when they were screwed out of some money by the subscription cable network. Here’s what happened.

Back in the day, when Gandolfini signed on to star in The Sopranos, he worked out a contract that included getting a cut of the show’s DVD sales. Unfortunately, not everyone who signed contracts to appear in The Sopranos thought about profits from DVDs.

Actress Drea de Matteo, who played Adriana on the series, says that Gandolfini made a big gesture when he found out the actors weren’t getting a payout.

“When all of us made our deals with HBO, none of the actors were included in the DVD sales for the show. And when he found out about that, he was pretty pissed off, and he called each actor into his trailer one by one, and cut everybody a VERY big check for thousands of dollars, in the double numbers. And paid each actor a cut of the proceeds he’d gotten from the DVD sales at that time. That was completely unnecessary, but Jesus Christ, it was something I’ll never forget, there aren’t many people who would do that.”

michael ralphie sopranos columbus

Matteo had a big role on the series, but when you think about all of the people who had roles as big as Matteo’s in The Sopranos, the list is pretty lengthy.

So, to imagine him cutting large checks to all of those individuals shows a level of care and compassion beyond what most people would be willing to give. But Matteo also mentions that big, grand gestures were just a part of Gandolfini’s nature.

“He bought us dinner every friday night, for the whole crew and cast. That’s a lot of dinner. He was a giant pussycat, and he took care of everyone on that show.”

Who knew the man known for playing the violent and quick to anger Tony Soprano was actually a big softie at heart?

Oh wait, everyone. While he wasn’t without his share of regrettable incidents, he’s also the guy who helped dig cars out of snow banks in New York City when the going got rough.

He even helped John Travolta to get over the death of his son. The story regarding the DVD money isn’t shocking, but it does give us a idea of what it must have been like to be around the man on set.

You can read more about Drea de Matteo, as well as her roles on The Sopranos andSons of Anarchy, in her full Reddit AMA.

Gardening Can Help Keep Kids in School

If we want to lower childhood obesity rates, educating kids about the need to swap junk and fast food for healthier choices is essential. But is teaching students how to grow fruits and vegetables the key to getting them to come to school and engage in the academic curriculum?

That’s what South Bronx teacher and administrator Stephen Ritz believes. Ritz has been gardening with students for years, and he launched the first indoor edible gardens in New York City’s public schools. He believes that growing fruits and vegetables ensures that kids have something other than a bag of chips to eat and also makes them want to show up for class almost every day.

“The kids really believe that they are responsible for [the plants], and attendance has increased from 43% to 93%,” Ritz wrote in the The Guardian. “Students come to school to take care of their plants — they want to see them succeed. Along the way, the kids succeed too. That’s great, because if I have their bodies in school, I have their brain.”

Once they’re in the building, Ritz’s students learn the academic curriculum while being immersed in the agricultural process. They also pick up skills that are transferable to the job market. The Bronx, where Ritz is based, has long been known as the poorest congressional district in the United States. Generational poverty is rampant, and jobs are scarce.

“A lot of these kids’ families are on minimum wages, so we are giving them the skills to use in well paid culinary careers,” wrote Ritz. “We are creating the next generation of customer service specialists and gourmet chefs.”

As a result of all their hard work, the gardens produce enough food to feed 450 kids. Ritz has received plenty of accolades; last spring he and his students were invited to the White House.

Through his nonprofit Green Bronx Machine, which he started in 2011, Ritz hopes to help schools in other communities jump-start comparable agricultural programs. “I can’t expect everyone to be a Herculean farmer in a classroom, but running a similar growing project in your school is safe, lightweight, and no kids are getting dirty,” he wrote.

Gap-Filling Urban Abodes

The shapes of each loft are different and take forms as mundane as a circle and as crazy as an alien from Space Invaders. Live Between Buildings was designed for some of the world’s most cramped cities, including New York and Tokyo. The concept certainly seems viable and it may only be a matter of time before architects begin looking between buildings.

Live Between Buildings is a series of conceptual lofts designed to maximize space in urban areas. These lofts would be built in the narrow gaps between buildings, as indicated by the design’s name. Dutch design duo Mateusz Mastalski and Ole Robin Storjohann created Live Between Buildings for the New Vision of the Loft 2 design award, a contest held by rooftop window maker Farko and the architecture magazine A10 New European.


Iphone photography by sam alive reveals hidden landscapes

iphone photography by sam alive reveals hidden landscapes

new york city-based photographer sam alive uses his iphone to capture landscapes and scenes through a digital lens.


the images describe both blurry backdrops and crisp scenery, set within the confines of the iphone screen.


the environments that frame each photo are unrecognizable, reduced to colors, patterns and geometric shapes.


sunsets, urban streets and ocean vistas are only barely perceptible through the chroma they display.


juxtaposing the hazy setting is an in-focus hand, holding a device at the foreground of the images. within the screens,

iphone photography by sam alive reveals hidden landscapes

a sharp picture materializes — the new york city skyline, the brookyn bridge and portraits of people in the distance.

iphone photography by sam alive reveals hidden landscapes

iphone photography by sam alive reveals hidden landscapes

iphone photography by sam alive reveals hidden landscapes

iphone photography by sam alive reveals hidden landscapes

iphone photography by sam alive reveals hidden landscapes

iphone photography by sam alive reveals hidden landscapes

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