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Former Cuba Leader Fidel Castro Says ‘Israel and US Fathered Isis’

Fidel Castro
Cuba’s President Fidel Castro addresses the audience during a political rally in Cardenas.

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has claimed that Israel and the United States are behind the creation of the Isis (now known as the Islamic State) terror group, according to local media reports.

In a piece written for official Cuban state media, Castro accuses Israel’s intelligence agency, Mossad, and US Senator John McCain of conspiring to create the IS. His comments were translated into English by Russia Today.

In the article, Castro writes that John McCain is Israel’s “most unconditional ally” and has been in cahoots with Mossad to create IS.

The former Cuban leader alleges that the US Senator, “together with [Mossad, conspired] in the creation of the Islamic State, which today controls a considerable and vital portion of Iraq and reportedly one-third of Syria as well.”

Castro then turns to Nato and compares the alliances leaders to that of Nazi Germany’s SS corps.

“Many people are astonished when they hear the statements made by some European spokesmen for Nato when they speak with the style and face of the Nazi SS,” he writes.

“Adolf Hitler’s greed-based empire went down in history with no more glory than the encouragement provided to Nato’s aggressive and bourgeois governments, which makes them the laughing stock of Europe and the world.”

Responding to Castro’s comments, a western diplomat said “no-one believes anymore that Fidel has any real influence over day-to-day policy. But that doesn’t mean he is never consulted on big questions or that when he comes out it isn’t important.”

Castro, 88, passed the baton of power to his younger brother Raul in 2006 as his health continued to deteriorate. He is a fierce critic of Israel and last month compared their military operation in Gaza to a “disgusting form of fascism.”


Israel, Australia Sign Visa Deal

Uri Ariel and Australian Ambassador Dave Sharm

Apparently past their concern over the Ben Zygier affair, Australia inked a deal to allow more Israelis into the country.


More Israelis will be able to go to Australia to visit or work, after a new agreement between the two countries was signed Wednesday. Israel’s ambassador in Australia signed the deal with government officials there to allow up to 500 Israelis to enter the country annually on work/tourism visas.


The visas will be granted to individuals 18-30 without children. A similar number of Australians will be able to enter Israel annually under the same type of visa.

Australia’s laws on who can enter the country are among the toughest in the world, as the government has sought to ensure that the country is not overly inundated with illegal immigrants. It’s also a favorite location for Israelis taking a year off after the army, and many who would like to visit are unable to because they cannot get the longer-term visa required for that kind of trip.

Australians have also been loathe to allow more Israelis into the country because of the proliferation of mall kiosks where young Israelis sell Dead Sea products, mobile phone cases, and the like.

In addition, the Australian government has been much tougher on Israeli visitors since the the report several years ago that Ben Zygier, allegedly an Israeli Mossad agent, died under “suspicious circumstances” after allegedly providing Australian officials, as well as others – possibly Iran – with information about Mossad operations.


Zygier, a dual citizen of Australia and Israel, committed suicide in an Israeli prison after his arrest for espionage-related charges that have never been fully revealed.

Zygier was held in a high-security prison under an alias. Despite near-constant supervision, he managed to kill himself in late 2010. The affair was not revealed until 2013, and aroused considerable controversy when it went public.

There have been various rumors about Zygier’s alleged crimes. Among other things, the former Mossad agent is said to have revealed information toAustralia’s security services, to have leaked sensitive information to Hezbollah, to have unwittingly sabotaged a top-secret mission, and to have threatened to go public with Israel’s use of foreign passports for Mossad agents.

Intelligence Minister: CIA, Mossad, MI6 Seeking to Target, Sabotage Iran’s N., Defense Programs

Intelligence Minister: CIA, Mossad, MI6 Seeking to Target, Sabotage Iran's N., Defense Programs

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Intelligence Minister Seyed Mahmoud Alawi warned that foreign spy agencies, including the CIA, Mossad and MI6, are seeking to target and carry out sabotage operations against Iran’s nuclear and defense programs, yet he stressed that his forces know how to fool the foreign spies.

“Some (spying) services like Mossad, the MI6 and the CIA and the countries which are enemies of Iran are naturally in pursuit of negative objectives in the Islamic Republic or sometimes they act directly and leave negative effects in political, economic and social fields,” Alawi said in a press conference in Tehran on Tuesday afternoon.

“And sometimes they make use of other spying services for proxy jobs or use people’s internet pages,” he added.

“Our nuclear, defense and missile industries and advanced technologies are the arenas in which they seek to gain intelligence and carry out sabotage operations,” Alawi said.

He, meantime, stressed that the Iranian intelligence forces have kept vigilant, identified the hostile spy agencies’ weak and strong points and adopted the necessary actions to manage these spy agencies.

Senior Iranian officials have always reiterated Iran’s intelligence supremacy over the enemies’ moves and espionage operations in the region, saying that the Iranian intelligence forces’ successful operations against CIA and Mossad operatives in recent years prove the superiority of the Iranian side.

In June 2013, a senior Iranian legislator lauded the intelligence ministry for its vigilance and power in foiling enemies’ plots against Iran, and said the ministry has thwarted several Israeli and US plots across the country.

“Numerous events (plotted by the enemies) have happened in the country in the past few years which have been defused due to the desirable performance of the intelligence ministry and other Iranian intelligence and security bodies,” Chairman of the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi told FNA.

“The intelligence ministry enjoys a very desirable dominance and control over intelligence issues both in and outside Iran,” he added.

Boroujerdi said that the Iranian intelligence bodies today are to confront Mossad, the CIA and their regional collaborators “and we have succeeded in defusing the operations of the US and Israeli intelligence bodies and showing the intelligence might and power of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the whole world”.

Former Mossad director Yitzhak Hofi dies at 87

Hofi served in the pre-state Palmah and Haganah forces in the 1940s, fought in the War of Independence as a company commander, and rose through the ranks of the Givati and Paratroopers brigades in the IDF.

He eventually became OC Northern Command and managed operations on the northern front against Syria in the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

He served as Mossad director from 1974 to 1982. Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said he was “always a brave and measured commander” who led the northern command during one of Israel’s most difficult hours, in 1973.

Hofi led the Mossad to great achievements that fortified Israeli security, Ya’alon added. “Now, many years after his retirement from military service, Hofi’s fingerprints and those of his friends from the founding generation continue to influence the IDF and its path,” the defense minister said.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu sent his condolences to Hofi’s family. He said Hofi worked “all his life on behalf of the security of the state of Israel,” adding, “The Israeli people thank him for his contribution to the country’s security.”


Shin Bet sources: 10 Israeli Arabs joined Islamic State

Masked gunmen of the Islamic State group shooting seven men kneeling on the ground in front of them, in the aftermath of the group's takeover of the Tabqa air base in Raqqa province, Syria. (photo credit: AP/Raqqa Media Center of the Islamic State group)
Masked gunmen of the Islamic State group shooting seven men kneeling on the ground in front of them, in the aftermath of the group’s takeover of the Tabqa air base in Raqqa province, Syria.

Unnamed officials say security services cooperating to monitor and act against citizens who fight in Syria and Iraq

Ten Israeli Arabs have joined up with the Islamic State to fight in Iraq and Syria, according to reports based on unnamed Shin Bet sources.

According to Israel Hayom, the numbers remain low, but the national security agency is keeping close tabs on those suspected of joining the jihadists for fear they will return to carry out attacks in Israel.

A troubling spike of interest in jihadi groups has been detected, primarily in the al-Nusra Front, but more recently in the Islamic State as well, Israel Hayom reported.

The Mossad, Military Intelligence, and the police are joining the Shin Bet in an effort to track Arab Israelis leaving to fight in Syria. The development is especially worrying for Israel because its security forces expect citizens fighting in Syria to become further radicalized, and to undergo military training. In addition, jihadist groups have tried to glean information about Israel from the Israeli Arab recruits.

In May, the Shin Bet security service announced that an Arab citizen of Israel from the Negev town of Hura was arrested in late April for helping two family members leave Israel, enter Syria, and join the ranks of the Islamic State.

Idris Abu Alqayan, 23, was arrested on April 28 and charged on May 15 with conspiracy to commit a crime and aiding an unlawful exit from the country.

The Bedouin village of Hura in southern Israel (photo credit: CC BY-SA, by Romayan, Wikimedia Commons)
The Bedouin village of Hura in southern Israel (photo credit: CC BY-SA, by Romayan, Wikimedia Commons)
Abu Alqayan, a Salafist, helped plan and pay for his brother Othman’s and his cousin Shafiq’s trip through Turkey to Syria. With the help of social media, the Shin Bet said, he also assisted the two Israeli citizens to link up with like-minded Islamist fighters in Syria.

The war in Syria has claimed over 165,000 lives and forced millions of Syrians to flee to neighboring countries Jordan and Turkey.

Calling the phenomenon of Israeli citizens leaving to fight in Syria alongside the anti-Assad forces “familiar,” the Shin Bet said it was the first time citizens from the Negev had taken such actions.

Anonymous Continues Cyber-Attacks on Israeli Government Websites Knocking Mossad and IDF Offline

Anonymous versus Israel

Anonymous continues to wage cyber-war on Israel in protest at its attack on Gaza knocking hundreds of government websites offline including those belonging to secret service Mossad and the Israel Defence Force (IDF).

Over the last 24 hours dozens of major Israeli government websites have been knocked offline as part of a continuing cyber-attack against the country by members of the online hacktivist collective known as Anonymous.

Announced by the @AnonymousGlobo Twitter account, the attacks were also in part a retaliation against the killing of 22-year-old Tayeb Abu Shehada who was wearing the iconic Guy Fawkes mask associated with the group when he was shot by an Israeli soldier in the West Bank.

While many of the official Israeli government websites are still offline at the time of publication, some which had been attacked were back online, including the IDF website.

The website belonging to Mossad, the Israeli secret service, is also back online having been offline intermittently for the last seven days.

Anonymous has listed over 100 websites it has taken offline as part oft eh attacks, as well as posting details for those looking to take part on how to download automated tools which carry out distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Anonymous Mask of Tayeb Abu Shehada


The attacks are part of a widespread campaign called #OpSaveGaza which which began earlier this month and which was initiated by the AnonGhost Team group of hackers.

The campaign has targeted multiple Israeli websites in the last couple of weeks claiming at one point to have taken thousands of Israeli websites offline.

It is hard to estimate just how much impact the action is having, with Israel typically claiming that such distributed denial of service attacks have little to no impact.

AnonGhost Team claimed last week to have expanded the remit of its attacks to the US, claiming that the “US government = Israel governrment” in a statement to the IBTimes UK. The group, which was founded by a hacker called Mauritania Attacker Admin, claims it defaced 35 US government websites.

Shin Bet and Mossad budget approaches $2 billion

Shin Bet Chief Yoram Cohen (left) and Mossad Chief Tamir Pardo in Jerusalem, May 2011.

The total budget of the different Israeli intelligence services has risen by 10 per cent in 2013 to reach NIS6.6 billion ($1.9 billion), according to data published by the Israeli ministry of finance.

Leading Israeli daily Haaretz reported the news on Thursday, pointing out that the two main recipients of the money are the Mossad and Shin Bet.

However, exactly how the intelligence services specifically spent the allocated money was not revealed by either the ministry or the newspaper.

The data shows that last year’s budget marked the highest consecutive rise since 2006. The budget was NIS4.6 billion ($1.3 billion) in 2006 and it has subsequently continued rising until it reached NIS6.6 billion ($1.9 billion) in 2013.

The budget of the Israeli intelligence services is directly controlled by the prime minister’s office, but is included in the budget of the ministry of defence.

Israeli UAV heron

No accurate data is known about the specifics of the intelligence budget. It is referred to in the budget of the ministry of defence simply as “deduction from the public reserve”.

Haaretz suggests this is an intentional blackout on the details of the budget, which is approved by the Knesset without knowledge of where the money is going: to Mossad, Shabak or Shin Bet.