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Ronnie Wood rejected chemotherapy for lung cancer: ‘This hair wasn’t going anywhere’

Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood has revealed he was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year.

During a routine health check, his doctor asked if he could also check his heart, lungs and blood – and discovered what Wood describes as “a supernova burning away on my left lung … He asked me what I wanted to do and my answer was simple: ‘Just get it out of me.’” The cancer hadn’t spread to his lymph nodes, meaning that after a five-hour operation, Wood is healthy for now.

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China Smog Sees Catwalk Models Don Surgical Masks

No this isn’t the latest ‘Derelicte’ runway show (though there’ll be no surprises if the trend hits Fashion Week next year.)

nanjing models

Thick levels of air pollution in east China meant models were forced to wear surgical masks at a gold jewellery show in Jiangsu province at the weekend.

Levels of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) have reached as high as 40 times World Health Organisation limits, thanks to the country’s rapid urbanisation, economic development and climactic factors.

Models were forced to wear surgical masks during the catwalk show in Jiangsu province

The winter months in particular have seen cities across China hit by heavy smog, much of it caused by emissions from coal-burning power stations.

Last month, an eight-year-old girl’s diagnosis of lung cancer was blamed on the country’s asphyxiating levels of pollution and smog.

Media reports say the unnamed girl has become the mainland’s youngest cancer patient, with her illness attributed directly to environmental factors.