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Two Indian families opt to keep sons who were swapped at birth

A mother’s suspicions led to a meeting, a DNA test and finally the truth – but by then it was too late to swap back

Salma Parbin knew. Her husband would not believe her for three months. The hospital would take two years to admit it. But within days of giving birth in March 2015, she knew: the baby she was cradling was not hers.

The way her husband, Sahabuddin Ahmed, recounts the story – which has become national news in India – the truth about the child should have been obvious. Indeed, it had been staring back at them.

On the same day at the Mangaldoi civil hospital, in the north-eastern state of Assam, another woman had also given birth to a son. She belonged to the Bodo tribe, an indigenous community with a distinct eye shape that more closely resembles Tibetans than people from the subcontinent.

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$108 Million Worth Of Cocaine Has Been Seized In Sri Lanka

Authorities in Sri Lanka have seized and destroyed the largest Asian cocaine shipment to date.

The 928kg of drugs, valued at $108 million, were seized in a timber container back in December at the Port of Colombo, before police destroyed it in a cement factory this week.

Reuters reports the shipment came from Colombia and was bound for India.

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Girl, 15, died from ruptured liver and lungs in gang rape as men took turns mutilating her

A teenage rape victim died after suffering a ruptured liver and lungs when a group of men took it in turns to mutilate her. The girl went missing on Tuesday last week as she walked home from school last Tuesday and she was found dead over the weekend with 19 serious injuries to her body.

Hours later another girl’s body was found, also badly mutilated, in a state bordering New Delhi. The brutality of the crimes in Haryana, a deeply conservative state in northern India, has created shockwaves even in a region with a grim record of violence against women.

Girl with ruptured liver and lungs

Police are pursuing a group of men suspected of raping and murdering the 15-year-old girl from Kurukshetra district whose badly disfigured body was found dumped in a stream on Friday. District police chief Abhishek Garg said the girl had sustained terrible internal injuries suggesting the attackers used a blunt object during the attack.

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39 dead in Indian flooding

The death toll from severe flooding in Indian-controlled Kashmir rose to at least 39, as overwhelmed local authorities requested help from federal rescue officials.

Rain continued to fall in much of the Himalayan region, forcing thousands to abandon their homes.

Officials said the deaths from flooding and landslides caused by four days of rain included five bodies recovered after a bus carrying more than 50 members of a wedding party was swept away in a stream.

Four passengers managed to swim to safety and rescuers are searching for the others.

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Iran Opens Extension Of Key Port

Iran has officially opened an extension of its southeastern port of Chabahar, which Tehran hopes will become a key transit hub for land-locked Afghanistan and Central Asia.

State TV said President Hassan Rohani attended the inauguration on December 3 along with dignitaries from India, Qatar, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other countries.

“Through this port, goods will be delivered to neighboring countries at cheaper prices and in a shorter time,” Rohani said at the ceremony.

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Buddha tattoo woman Naomi Coleman wins compensation

A woman who was deported from Sri Lanka for having a tattoo of the Buddha on her arm has won compensation.

Naomi Coleman, from Coventry, was detained for four days in April 2014.

The country’s Supreme Court said her treatment – during which a prison guard made sexually-explicit remarks to her and she was forced to give police money – was “scandalous and horrifying”.

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