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Breaking News: 85 Sinaloa cartel members arrested in U.S.-Mexico border raid

A cross-border raid by U.S. and Mexican law enforcement officials resulted in the arrest of 85 Sinaloa cartel members, authorities said.

The sting occurred Friday around the Arizona border with Mexico, local media reported.

It also netted “assault-type weapons” and hundreds of pounds of narcotics, said spokeswoman Gillian M. Christensen of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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The staggering death toll in Mexico’s drug war has outpaced the number of civilian deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

A new documentary by Spanish journalist David Beriain discloses what and who is behind the brutality that has turned Mexico into one of the most violent places in the world.

Beriain spent several weeks in northwest Mexico filming the inner workings of the Sinaloa Cartel, whose leader Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán’s arrest and recent extradition to the United States has thrown the group—and Mexico—into an even more chaotic spiral of violence.


Intelligence results in €3m drug seizure from Kinahan gang

Assault rifle also found in Sallins raid which is third blow to cartel in little over a week

Garda believe a large seizure of cocaine and heroin, along with at least one assault rifle, found at a rented property over the weekend is linked to the Kinahan drugs gang.

If so, the weekend operation in Co Kildare would be the third major strike against the cartel in just over a week.

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What’s next for Mexico’s drug cartels after El Chapo

As Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman awaitsextradition to the United States, he leaves behind what appears to be a new landscape for Mexico’s drug cartels.

Last week, his son, Jesus Alfredo Guzman, was kidnapped by men authorities believe were members of a rival cartel. Sources tell CNN he was released Saturday, but his abduction signals that the game of thrones for Mexico’s next top drug cartel has already begun.

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Stephen Fry Apologizes for Taking Cocaine at Buckingham Palace

The U.K. actor also admitted to taking the drug at Pinewood Studios and BBC headquarters. Stephen Fry has revealed that he once took cocaine while at Buckingham Palace.

The U.K. actor and TV personality admitted to and apologized for his actions in his latest autobiography, More Fool Me, excerpts of which have been widely circulated in the U.K. press. He also wrote that he used the drug in other high-profile locations, including the former BBC headquarters, Pinewood Studios and British parliament during the height of his 15-year addiction.

“I take this opportunity to apologize unreservedly to the owners, managers or representatives of the noble and ignoble premises and to the hundreds of private homes, offices, car dashboards, tables, mantelpieces and available polished surfaces that could so easily have been added to this list of shame,” he wrote.

“You may wish to have me struck off, banned, black-balled or in any other way punished for past crimes,” he wrote. “Surely now is the time to reach for the phone, the police or the club secretary.”

Published on Thursday, the third installment of Fry’s autobiography chronicles his life in the 1980s and 1990s as he found fame on U.K. TV and the expensive habit that grew out of it.

“How can I explain the extraordinary waste of time and money that went into my 15-year habit? Tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds, and as many hours, sniffing, snorting and tooting away time that could have been employed writing, performing, thinking, exercising, living,” Fry wrote.

Fry, who suffers from bipolar disorder and has previously admitted to his drug addiction, also explained that he didn’t take the drug because he was depressed, unhappy or under pressure. “I took it because I really, really liked it,” he wrote.

Nigeria: Drug Mule Left to Die At Madrid Airport

A Nigerian drug mule has died in a Spanish airport after cocaine bags inside his body split open – because airport staff refused to touch him fearing he had Ebola.

The man collapsed in the customs area of the Madrid-Barajas airport outside the capital after arriving on a flight from Istanbul. Upon hearing that the man was from Nigeria, staff were too afraid to approach the man and left him in shivers on the airport floor.

The man, who had landed on a flight from Istanbul on October 18, died 90 minutes later from a massive drugs overdose, Spain’s El Mundo newspaper said. It later transpired that the man was suffering the effects of a cocaine overdose after several bags of the drug burst in his stomach. 

Reuters / Rafael Ibarra

A passenger accompanying the Nigerian later told police that he had flown from Madrid to Istanbul on October 14 and had not been to Nigeria for four years.

Ebola has killed 4,877 people in the past six weeks, almost all of whom were infected with the virus in West Africa.

€2.5 million in cocaine ‘disappears’ from Paris police HQ

Paris police headquarters at 36 Quai des OrfèvresParis police lose 51kg of seized cocaine from their own headquarters

Drugs worth £2m vanish from force’s famous HQ at 36 Quai des Orfèvres, just months after building was mired in rape allegation

Paris police HQ at 36 Quai des Orfèvres. The bags of cocaine were last seen in a secure room in the building on 23 July. 

Paris police are investigating the disappearance of 51kg of cocaine from a supposedly locked and sealed room in their own headquarters on the banks of the Seine.

The cocaine “bricks” with a street value of around €2.5m (£2m) were seized a month ago after officers smashed a drug trafficking network in the capital.

They were supposed to be under lock and key at the force’s legendary headquarters at 36 Quai des Orfèvres, for ever associated with the fictional French detective Maigret.

Officials say the cocaine, placed in numbered evidence bags, was definitely still in the secured store room on 23 July when it was last checked, but was definitely missing on Thursday.

Police chiefs immediately ordered an inquiry, and the force’s own internal investigations squad was sent into the building with sniffer dogs. So far, there have been no leads.

It is the second time this year that 36 Quai des Orfèvres has made damaging headlines.

In April, two officers belonging to an “anti-gang crime” squad were put under official investigation for the alleged rape of a 34-year-old Canadian woman visiting Paris. She had met the men during an evening of heavy drinking at a nearby Irish pub.

The officers said she agreed to follow them to their headquarters, just across the Seine from the pub. Once there she said she was raped. One of the police officers charged admitted having sex with the woman, but claimed she had consented. The investigation is ongoing.

Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve has ordered the national police investigation squad to leave no stone unturned in its search for the missingdrugs and promised the culprits would be treated with “the utmost severity”.

In a statement, the prefecture of police said: “This investigation will look into whether the relevant rules were followed for the management of evidence in the offices of this brigade in particular, and at 36 Quai des Orfèvres in general.”

It promised “very firm measures” would be immediately taken “if the investigation shows the law has been broken”.

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