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The Race To Build The Magical Flying Bicycle You Never Knew You Needed

We don’t know quite where flying bikes would fit into the overall transport mix, but designers all over the world are chasing after the goal.

It’s not exactly clear why the human race needs a flying bicycle. But that isn’t stopping the human race from trying to build one.

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Eco-Friendly Mobile Floating Architecture – off the grid solar home (PHOTOS)


Taking it one step beyond “houseboat,” UK-based Kingsley Architects has designed its own brand of modern, low-carbon, mobile floating architecture, and dubbed it the SolarHome.


Is there anything this cool home doesn’t do? Located in the Lusatian Lakelands of Germany, this organic-formed floating piece of architecture was designed to blend with the nature that surrounds it.


The 75m2 SolarHome reinvents the concept of a camper van. SolarHome features eco-friendly, off-the-grid solar power, and has been designed to operate in one of two modes – Docked Mode, which requires some infrastructure for power, fresh water and water treatment; while in Self Sufficient Mode,


SolarHome can operate for a period of six to 12 months without any service requirements. How does that float your boat? For more information, visit Kingsley Architects.


12,000 Places Where You Can Spend Your Bounty Of Bitcoins

Bitpay has compiled a list of more than 12,000 businesses and charities that accept bitcoin using its electronic payment processing system.

Fess up, are you the anonymous entity who now holds $147 million in Bitcoin? What’s the point of being a newly minted Bitcoin millionaire if you can’t spend your bounty, right? In time for Black Friday, BitPay has compiled a directory with more than 12,000 businesses and charities that accept Bitcoin using its service, a PayPal-like electronic payment processing system for Bitcoin.

“We are often asked where to spend Bitcoins and this global directory allows Bitcoin merchants around the world to get discovered,” says BitPay cofounder and CEO Tony Gallippi in a statement. “With this service we will be linking over 5 million Bitcoin users with merchants and we will continue adding more merchants.”

To promote Bitcoin Black Friday, BitPay will feature the one-day sales of featured merchants on its directory. Vendors include those selling VPN, hosting, and other web services, but span into organic foodscoffee shops, and e-cigarettes. The directory also includes a travel and tourism section, helping Bitcoin enthusiasts plan vacations and find local merchants that accept Bitcoin.

The NSA and surveillance … Made and Simple (VIDEO)

Confused about the NSA revelations? Do you wonder how the activities of GCHQ and the NSA affect you? Why spies have been monitoring Facebook, Gmail and Skype? And even if are being watched online, how does that affect what we do online? This animation, narrated by Jemima Kiss, explains what the disclosures mean for all of USA

24 Illusionary Architecture Examples

#1 Optical Illusion Structures

The Reframe Art Installation Features Multiple Perspectives Full Article

Optical Illusion Structures
#2 Secluded Sanctuary Hotels

The Songjiang Hotel is Built Straight into an Abandoned Quarry Full Article

Secluded Sanctuary Hotels
#3 Luxurious Hill-Covered Houses

The Villa Vals Switzerland Vacation Homes are Inside the Alps Full Article

Luxurious Hill-Covered Houses
#4 Eco Urban Tree Houses

These High-Tech Tree Houses Bring Green Shelter to Urban Areas Full Article

Eco Urban Tree Houses
#5 Cramped Apartment Captures

1972 by Noritaka Minami is Depressingly Futuristic Full Article

Cramped Apartment Captures
#6 Energy Efficient Egg Boats

The Exbury Egg is a Floating Self-Sustaining Home or Workspace Full Article

Energy Efficient Egg Boats
#7 Fabulously Futuristic Boutiques

The Stuart Weitzman Boutique Aesthetic is Futuristic Minimalist Full Article

Fabulously Futuristic Boutiques
#8 Touchscreen Skyrise Apartments

Monaco’s Odeon Tower Will Feature Advance Architecture and Services Full Article

Touchscreen Skyrise Apartments
#9 LEGO-Inspired Architecture

Turkish Company Designnobis Presents the D-Eco Brick Full Article

LEGO-Inspired Architecture
#10 Buddhist Wooden Constructions

The Khor I temporary theatre by TAAT Looks Sliced and Avant-Garde Full Article

Buddhist Wooden Constructions
#11 Crystalline Urban Landscape Projects

The BRDGLab Top Down Design is a Stunning View of Toronto Full Article

Crystalline Urban Landscape Projects
#12 Minimalist Infinite Installations

Unidisplay by Carsten Nicolai Has Guests Gazing Into Infinity Full Article

Minimalist Infinite Installations
#13 Temporary Honeycomb Architecture

The Shellstar Pavilion Features a Super Lightweight Construction Full Article

Temporary Honeycomb Architecture
#14 Pumpkin-Inspired Pop-Up Shops

Yayoi Kusama Collaborates on the 12 Louis Vuitton by THEVERYMANY Full Article

Pumpkin-Inspired Pop-Up Shops
#15 Undulating Ceiling Installations

Paper Chandeliers by Cristina Parreno Architecture is Spectacular Full Article

Undulating Ceiling Installations
#16 Underwater-Simulating Installations

Aquatic Colors Focuses on a Breathtaking Bloom of Jellyfish Full Article

Underwater-Simulating Installations
#17 Wooden Geodesic Pavilions

The Peoples Meeting Dome Has a Geometric Organic Aesthetic Full Article

Wooden Geodesic Pavilions
#18 Pleated Architectural Projects

Deep Facade Explores the Overlap of Indoor and Outdoor Structures Full Article

Pleated Architectural Projects
#19 Abstract Expressive Facades

Granular Spa Haus’ Sculptural Cladding is Indicative of its Interior Full Article

Abstract Expressive Facades
#20 Otherworldly Eroding Architecture

The Oxymoron Skyscraper Explores the Paradox of Solidity Full Article

Otherworldly Eroding Architecture
#21 Sun-Blistering Buildings

The Bloom Pavilion Reacts to Solar Exposure Like a Living Thing Full Article

Sun-Blistering Buildings
#22 Perforated Accordion-like Pavilions

The Bowooss Bionic Optimized Wooden Shell is Eco-Conscious Full Article

Perforated Accordion-like Pavilions
#23 Sweeping Strawlike Structures

Fresh Hills Integrates a Wind Farm with a Park on a Covered Landfill Full Article

Sweeping Strawlike Structures
#24 Spellbinding Metallic Installations

The Zaha Hadid ‘Arum’ Installation Explores Ethereal Structure Full Article

Architect Bypasses Mortgage Payments, Builds a Tiny Home (PHOTOS)

Idaho-based architect Macy Miller longed for a place of her own, but didn’t want the burdensome cost of mortgage payments and decided to construct her own compact home. After having a dream back in 2011, Miller mustered up the initiative to design her small yet efficient home known as Tiny House. Interested in the ever-expanding DIY movement as both a way to save on costs and gain some experience with construction, Miller worked on the 196-square-foot home for two years in the hopes of making her dream come true.

The house, which was built on top of a flatbed trailer with the use of sustainable materials, just recently finished construction. The clever design includes recycled shipping pallets for the siding of the home and practically brand new windows that were entirely donated. Inside the cozy space, every modern amenity needed is available including lighting, a kitchen area, and even a working bathroom.

With so much accomplished on a tight budget, Miller’s project is not quite complete as she is currently searching for a place to park her quaint dwelling. The architect hopes to one day run the entire structure completely off-the-grid, making it both eco-friendly and space-saving. You can follow her continued progress on her personal blog.