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Neighborhoods: Exploring Budapest’s gritty 8th District

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — A gritty Budapest neighborhood that’s been compared to parts of New York City is hoping to attract visitors with a new tour about its history and unique ethnic mix.

Known as Jozsefvaros (Joseph Town), Budapest’s central 8th district is not typically featured in guidebooks. The far side of the neighborhood has been called the Bronx or Harlem of Budapest, its ethnic mix dominated by Roma — as Gypsies are often called — but also featuring Turks, Chinese, Arabs, Africans and others in an ever-richer blend.

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400 Turkish truck drivers held at Hungarian borders

Hundreds of Turkish truckers were stuck at the Hungarian borders Saturday, waiting for the appropriate documents to let them pass.

The head of the Istanbul based International Transporters Association, Fatih Şener, said Hungary does not issue transport documents to Turkish truckers.

He said, “Approximately 80 of the 400 vehicles waiting at the border [of Romania-Hungary] are bringing loads to Hungary. The remaining 320 are waiting in Kapıkule to take loads, Germany, to countries such as England, Netherlands, Denmark, especially to Germany. The loads are stuck at the door because Hungary did not issue a document.”

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George Soros attacks ‘hate-mongering’ of Viktor Orban’s Hungary

George Soros, the billionaire investor, has denounced a campaign waged against him by the Hungarian government, accusing Viktor Orban, the prime minister, of casting him as an “external enemy” in a bid to mislead voters and cling to power.

Mr Soros, who has allocated billions of dollars to his pro-democracy and human rights foundations, told the Financial Times he had resisted responding publicly to the attacks from Mr Orban but it was time to speak out. He said he now fears for the safety of civil society groups that his foundation supports after Mr Orban said he would press the country’s spy agencies into monitoring their activities.

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How Robert De Niro Convinced Nobu to Build a Restaurant Empire

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa is the culinary world’s Madonna — he’s most widely known by his first name only. After emigrating to the U.S. from Japan in the late ’70s, Nobu built a high-end sushi empire that’s unparalleled; it now encompasses more than three dozen restaurants across the globe, from Malibu to Manila, Beijing to Budapest.

Nobu began his career as a restaurateur in Peru, where he first established the Japanese fusion cuisine that he’s become known for worldwide. But it wasn’t until he moved to L.A. and opened up his eponymous restaurant, Matsuhisa, in 1987 that he struck culinary gold: It quickly became a celebrity hot spot and attracted the attention of silver-screen legend Robert De Niro, who would go on to become one of Nobu’s business partners.

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Theater director in Hungary fired after actor’s abuse claim

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — The Budapest Operetta Theater says it has dismissed its artistic director after an actor said he was beaten by him with a coat hanger in 1994.

Miklos Gabor Kerenyi posted an apology Tuesday on his Facebook page and didn’t deny the allegations.

Képtalálat a következőre: „kerényi marton lászló”

Actor Akos Maros said on ATV television that after he was late to a rehearsal, Kerenyi locked him in a room, told him to pull down his pants and beat him on the buttocks with a coat hanger. Maros was 18 years old then.

Kerenyi is the second renowned theater director to be dismissed in Hungary recently because of allegations of abuse or sexual harassment.

Laszlo Marton was fired late October by the Comedy Theater after actress Lilla Sarosdi accused him of sexual harassment. Marton also apologized.

Visegrad 4 cools on Europe, and each other

Doubts grow on how bloc of 65 million can function at critical time in EU history.

Central Europe’s unity is cracking.

The common purpose the region rediscovered during the refugee crisis has frayed in recent months amid differences over matters large and small, concerning everything from regulatory fine print to the future of Europe.

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Hungary appears to have sold Azeri axe murderer for $7 million

Documents uncovered this week suggest that the Orbán government’s motivation for handing back to Azerbaijan Ramil Safarov, the Azeri axe murder convicted of killing an Armenian army lieutenant in Hungary, may have been financial gain. In 2012, Hungary earned global scorn for transferring the murderer to a country where he was welcomed as a hero.

At the time, Hungary tried to explain away its actions by claiming that it fully expected the murderer to continue serving his prison sentence, considering that he had been sentenced to life by a Hungarian court. Of course, this did not happen–Ramil Safarov was not only pardoned, but was also promoted to the rank of major in Azerbaijan’s military immediately after his release from Hungary. The government of Viktor Orbán claimed in 2012 that it had been misled and expressed “disappointment.”

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