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Tibet Facing Double Environmental Disasters As Climate Change Is Melting Glaciers And Tibet Population Growth Spurs Pollution

Tibet is facing a double-whammy of disasters. China’s western so-called autonomous region is getting warmer and wetter, just as rampant population growth is creating pollution problems.

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Best Places to visit in Kashmir


A land of anomalies, Kashmir is most definitely a paradise on earth with its snow-capped mountains and scenic landscape. Despite the politically-induced territorial division, Kashmir sees a healthy influx of tourists from all over the world. With an eclectic mix of tourist attractions comprising of beautiful gardens, lakes, valleys, and much more, Kashmir remain one of the most celebrated tourist spots in the world – and as Led Zeppelin quotes- it still remains the Shangri-la for most Kashmiris.

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The cheapest places around the world to buy a plane ticket

With the tidal wave of low-price air carriers sweeping through Asia, airfares in the region look pretty attractive.

According to flight search engine Skyscanner, the cost of flying is lowest for travel originating in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka (this includes both domestic and international travel). Seven of the 10 cheapest countries for travel by air are in Asia:

The world’s most expensive country to travel in is Monaco, where it costs $316 on average to travel 100 kilometers by air.

That’s nearly 40 times the cost of air travel in the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia, (in southeast Asia, budget carriers now account for more than half the aviation market).

Greenland is the second most expensive country in Skyscanner’s rankings; there it costs $119 to travel as far. Also high in the tally of expensive air travel countries are North Korea, Venezuela, and Hungary.

In Asia, cutthroat competition between carriers is as important a factor in airline pricing as what customers can afford to pay.

Viewed in this context, many of the countries that appear to be the cheapest air travel hubs in dollar terms are actually the costliest, based on the relative wages of their consumers.

So while affluent travelers in places like India and China benefit from cheaper flights, extreme wealth inequality makes those airfares out of reach for much of the population.

Stunning Floating Markets in Asia

A floating market is a market where goods are sold from boats. Originating in times and places where water transport played an important role in daily life, most floating markets operating today mainly serve as tourist attractions, and are chiefly found in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. The sellers often gather at 3:00 and come back at 11:00.

The following are stunning analogue photos of daily life in floating markets in Asia.

Fascinating Infographic Conceptualizes the World as 100 People

What if the world’s population only had 100 people? That small of a number definitely makes it easier to put things into perspective. Out of 100, 60 of them would live in Asia; 70 would not have access to the internet; and the gender divide would be split at 50/50.

Jack Hagley designed this fascinating infographic that uses data from the recently-updated 100 People statistical chart.

The world’s actual population has climbed to over seven billion people. That’s a harder number to conceptualize than 100, and this graphic gives us an easier-to-digest perspective in circular form.


And, because of the smaller sample size, the chart also shows remarkable changes. The 100 People Foundation points out that seven people would have a college education.


But, in 2006 only one person would have obtained a degree. It’s a reminder of how quickly the world can change in a relatively short period of time.

Jack Hagley website

Hiroyuki shinozaki arranges house I around domed central core

‘house I’ is a family residence for three people conceived by japanese architect hiroyuki shinozaki.situated in a residential region of tochigi, japan, the dwelling provides a balance between private and communal living, where one large domed volume is partially segregated with radiating internal walls.

the central core connects each area of the home, while the locally sourced stone walls offer varying degrees of seclusion. carefully placed windows enable privacy from the surrounding buildings,

while simultaneously framing trees and the natural environment. these chosen views help integrate the new property within the neighborhood, ensuring that the house does not become an isolated enclosure.

the unorthodox form of the structure, in particular the roof’s gradual slope, play with the occupants’ sense of perspective within the compact and efficient interior.

secluded sleeping area

a skylight allows light to flood the central core of the dwelling

the communal living space

project info:

type: family home
location: tochigi, japan
site area: 218.89 sqm (2356 sqf)
building area: 91.76sqm (988 sqf) (41.92%)
maximum height: 4.83 m (15.8 f)
structure: wood flame

Kaohsiung Port Terminal by Reiser + Umemoto in more detail

Model of the Kaohsiung Port Terminal by Reiser + Umemoto. Image: Reiser + Umemoto

Reiser + Umemoto celebrated the groundbreaking of the Kaohsiung Port Terminal in Kaohsiung, Taiwan this past November.

Although there aren’t any construction photos in the meantime, you can get a better look of the yet-to-be-built terminal with plenty of awesome images we recently received from the firm.

Model of the Kaohsiung Port Terminal by Reiser + Umemoto. Image: Reiser + Umemoto

Project Description

“A cruise ship terminal and port service center in Taiwan, Kaohsiung Port Terminal’s dynamic 3-dimensional urbanism takes advantage of the site’s unique lateral positioning with respect to the city grid. Existing public pedestrian flows along the proposed elevated boardwalk can be amplified, rather than interrupted by creating a continuous elevated public esplanade along the waterfront. Cruise and ferry functions, meanwhile, are located just below the public level and are kept distinct to maintain secure areas for departing/arriving passengers.”

Image: Reiser + Umemoto

Image: Reiser + Umemoto

Image: Reiser + Umemoto

Image: Reiser + Umemoto

“The Departure Hall splits up into three different partitions, each related to a different itinerary for travelling by ship, while the concourses are oriented parallel to the waterfront to maximize the interface between water and land.”

Image: Reiser + Umemoto

Image: Reiser + Umemoto

Image: Reiser + Umemoto

Image: Reiser + Umemoto

“By vertically separating the functions of the general public, port business, and travelers along this waterfront edge we are able to keep the various operational uses highly efficient while at the same time allowing for the synergy of mixed functions for the general public.  Vertical circulation is organized around thickened zones in the building’s skin which also house structure, utilities, and ventilation.”

Image: Reiser + Umemoto

Image: Reiser + Umemoto

Image: Reiser + Umemoto

Image: Reiser + Umemoto

“The structure is a system of nested, long-span shells, which are composed of an underlying steel pipe space frame which is sandwiched by cladding panels to create a usable cavity space. Overall an experience of directed yet functionally separated flows will lend an aura of energy to the point terminal space.”

Image: Reiser + Umemoto

Image: Reiser + Umemoto

“An essential component to the vitality of the Port Terminal Project is the connection to a proposed elevated public space along the waters’ edge. The importance of this waterfront space which is distinct yet connected to the city of Kaohsiung is inestimable.”

Image: Reiser + Umemoto

Image: Reiser + Umemoto

Image: Reiser + Umemoto

Image: Reiser + Umemoto

“The boardwalk links the new Pop Music Center http://www.bustler.net/index.php/article/first_prize_at_taipei_pop_music_center_competition_reiser_umemoto, the arts and shopping districts within a green necklace along the waterfront. The boardwalk will be a 24 hour space that fosters shopping, dining, and recreation.”

Image: Reiser + Umemoto

Image: Reiser + Umemoto

“Moreover, connection to this vital public conduit will ensure the continuous economic viability of the port terminal, sustaining and amplifying the periodic maritime uses of the cruise terminal and ferries.”

Image: Reiser + Umemoto

Image: Reiser + Umemoto

Kaohsiung Port and Cruise Service Center
Kaohsiung, Taiwan, ROC

Design: 2010 – 2013
Construction: 2013-2015 (projected)
Size: 36,883 sq.m
Type: Cruise Terminal / Port Service Center / Retail / Restaurant

Project Credits:

Design Architect
Reiser + Umemoto, RUR Architecture PC, New York, NY USA
Jesse Reiser + Nanako Umemoto, Principals

Architect of Record
Fei and Cheng and Associates, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC

Structural Engineer
Ysrael A. Seinuk, PC, New York, NY USA (PD)Supertek, Taipei, Taiwan, (DD)

Port Planning and Logistics
ARUP, Hong Kong

Facade Consultant
Meinhardt Facade Technology, Beijing, China

Lighting Consultant
Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design Office, Tokyo, Japan (PD)
Fomolux, Taipei, Taiwan (DD)

MEP / Sustainability
ARUP, Hong Kong (PD)
I.S.Leng, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC (HVAC – DD)
Mininger, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC (Electrical, Plumbing – DD)

Local Landscape Architect
Environmental Arts Design, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC

Port of Kaohsiung, Tai-wan International Ports Corporation, Ltd
Images courtesy of Reiser + Umemoto

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