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Austrian party suspends member over Nazi salute claim

Official in Styria region accused of having said ‘Heil Hitler’ in council meeting.

A member of Austria’s far-right Freedom Party (FPÖ) was kicked out over allegations that he gave a Nazi salute, less than a week before the country goes to the polls, local media reported.

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Hitler Used Werewolves, Vampires, and Astrology to Brainwash Germany

‘Hitler’s Monsters’ is a new book that examines the surprisingly deep connection between Nazis and the supernatural.

In Hitler’s Monsters, a forthcoming book about Nazis and the supernatural, scholar Eric Kurlander examines how Hitler’s rise exploited a public fixation with the occult and paganism. More than a record of how, say, a few Third Reichers followed their astrology charts into disaster, the book depicts a culture whose rejection of natural science in favor of faith-based “border sciences” allowed its leaders to mythologize their beliefs in racial superiority. Border science, as distinct from pseudoscience, was a term adopted by 1930s occultists to cover fields like parapsychology, astrology, or clairvoyance that suddenly found favor with Hitler’s fact-averse government.

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Sean Spicer Apologizes For Holocaust Remarks

“It was a mistake,” the White House press secretary said.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer apologized Tuesday for his remarks on the Holocaust, telling CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that his comments during a White House press briefing were a “mistake.”

Discussing the use of chemical weapons by Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime on Tuesday, Spicer argued that Adolf Hitler “didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons.” (That is false: The Nazis, under Hitler’s leadership, gassed millions of Jewish people in concentration camps.)

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Adolf Hitler Was a Secret Crystal Meth Addict

Adolf Hitler's manic mannerisms may be attributed to his crystal meth addiction

Hitler’s body language suggests he was hooked on the drug made famous by Breaking Bad

The leader of the Nazi party Adolf Hitler had a secret addiction to crystal meth, the drug which is the focus of the TV series Breaking Bad.

Referred to as “ice” or “glass”, methylamphetamine can be taken orally, sniffed, smoked or injected.

In its most popular crystalline form, crystal meth resembles glass shavings or a crystal rock but is also available in pills and powder.

The drug causes a range of dangerous side-effects alongside its high, such as increased heart rate, paranoia and heart problems.

According to a Daily Mail report, the American military intelligence compiled a 47-page wartime dossier containing information that Hitler was a hypochondriac and took 74 different kinds of medication and pills, including methamphetamine.

The drug produces feelings of euphoria and was also used by the military during World War II for its stimulant effects.

Hitler hooked on drugs

Hitler is thought to have taken crystal meth before a meeting with Mussolini in 1943, in which he talked non-stop for two hours. He also had nine injections of Vitamultin, a drug which contained methamphetamine, during the final days in his bunker.

From 1942 until his death in 1945, Hitler was also given intravenous injections of methamphetamine by his personal physician Theodor Morell, dubbed the “Reichsmaster of injections” by Nazis.

In National Geographic channel’s Nazi Underworld – Hitler’s Drug Use Revealed, psychiatrist Professor Nassir Ghaemi claims: “It’s not whether Hitler was an amphetamine addict or not – it’s that Hitler had bipolar disorder and amphetamines made it worse.

“That is the issue. That has never been described before and that would explain a lot why Hitler changed in the late 1930s and the 1940s.”

It’s also claimed by the Discovery Channel that Hitler also took cocaine to clear his sinuses and received injections of bull testicle to improve his libido.

In a 178-page report, dated 12 June 1945, compiled by Dr Erwing Giesing, one of Hitler’s six physicians, the dictator inhaled cocaine to “clear his sinuses” and “soothe” his throat.

Geising also claimed that the Fuhrer “suffered from uncontrollable flatulence”.


Revealed: the British bank clerk who foiled Hitler’s collaborators

Eric Roberts, the lone MI5 agent who penetrated the ranks of Britain's wartime Nazi sympathisers
Eric Roberts, the lone MI5 agent who penetrated the ranks of Britain’s wartime Nazi sympathisers. Photograph: The National Archives/PA


Eric Roberts plucked from obscurity of 15-year career at local bank branch to penetrate Nazi ‘fifth column’ in UK

An unassuming suburban bank clerk named Eric Roberts has been revealed as the MI5 agent who, posing as an undercover Gestapo officer, single-handedly penetrated Adolf Hitler’s “fifth column” in Britain during the second world war.

Roberts was plucked from the obscurity of a 15-year career at a local branch of the Westminster Bank by the security services to take on the role of the Gestapo’s man in Britain, which enabled him to contact and control the activities of hundreds of British Nazi sympathisers, effectively neutralising their threat to the war effort.

The selection of Roberts, then a 32-year-old father of two living by Epsom racecourse at Tattenham Corner in Surrey, for special work in the war effort so surprised his colleagues at the Euston Road branch of the bank that they questioned why they were being asked to “spare him for the duration of the war”.

“What we would like to know here is what are the particular and especial qualifications of Mr Roberts – which we have not been able to perceive – for some particular work of national military importance which would take him away from his normal military call-up in October?” RW Jones, the bank’s assistant controller, asked in a letter to a Colonel Harker on 5 June 1940.

The MI5 file on the “fifth column case” released by the National Archives in Kew on Friday includes a security service personal record card for Roberts, and gives few clues to his suitability for the job.

It records that he had holidayed in Germany in 1932 and 1934. He could speak Spanish and read French but only had “slight” German. He was a jiu-jitsu enthusiast, having been a member of a former Anglo-Japanese club.

But other than that was born in Sussex and went to school in Cornwall, including a period at the Camborne school of mines, it gives little away.

A note on the file making the case for his recruitment gives some more clues: “Roberts is thoroughly familiar with everything connected with the various pro-Nazi organisations in this country, and Maxwell Knight [MI5’s chief agent runner] has the highest opinion of his character and abilities.

As the sudden increase in the volume of B.7 work [the training and recruitment section] has created a very serious situation, I should be very grateful if steps could be taken immediately to procure Roberts’s transfer from the bank to this office.”

There is no explanation of how he came to have such a detailed knowledge of British Nazis. Whatever his full background, Roberts, codenamed “Jack King”, proved extraordinarily successful in persuading British Nazi sympathisers to communicate with him.

The files show he was able to identify scores, if not hundreds, of fifth columnists in Britain, many of them English people whose support for Hitler was fuelled by antisemitism. The scale of their support shocked the British wartime establishment.

The official MI5 historian, Prof Christopher Andrew, says that by posing as Jack King, the Gestapo’s man in Britain, he persuaded some pro-Nazis to pass on secret information, including details of British research into jet engines, in the mistaken belief he would pass them on to the Germans.

The file includes transcripts of his conversations with fifth columnists who suggested ways to damage Britain and assist a German invasion.

When an MI5 file revealing the existence of this deception operation during the war was released earlier this year, there was speculation that the real identity of Jack King was John Bingham, a senior MI5 figure who was one model for the composite character of John Le Carré’s George Smiley.

It is thought the release of Friday’s files naming Roberts was a deliberate move by the security services to end that speculation.

David Cameron warns ‘Don’t Make Same Mistake with Putin as we Made with Hitler’

putin cameron
David Cameron has told Europe not to make same mistakes with Putin as they did with Hitler

David Cameron has warned that the mistakes made in appeasing Adolf Hitler during the 1930s must not be repeated in the treatment of Vladimir Putin.

Speaking behind closed doors at an EU summit in Brussels, the prime minster warned European leaders that Putin must be prevented from seizing all of the Ukraine to avoid the situation that led to the start of World War II, 75 years ago today.

Cameron compared the current crisis in Ukraine with former prime minister Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of the Nazi leader in Munich in 1938. This approach allowed Germany to invade Poland the following year, which triggered Britain’s declaration of war on 3 September 1939.

Cameron is quoted by Italian newspaper La Repubblica as saying: “We run the risk of repeating the mistakes made in Munich in 38. We cannot know what will happen next.

“This time we cannot meet Putin’s demands. He has already taken Crimea and we cannot allow him to take the whole country.”

Downing Street declined to confirm whether Cameron really said the remarks regarding Putin. However it did not refute the accuracy of the comments.

Cameron’s reported comments were published after Putin allegedly told the outgoing president of the European commission, Jose Manual Barroso, that he could “take Kiev in two weeks” if he wanted.

According to reports, Barroso asked Putin about the presence of around Russian troops in eastern Ukraine. Nato believes there are currently 1,000 Russian troops who have invaded the country, with Ukraine puting the figure closer to 1,600.

“The problem is not this, but that if I want I’ll take Kiev in two weeks,” Putin is reported to have said, according to La Repubblica.

Putin’s senior foreign policy adviser, Yuri Ushakov, said the comments were “taken out of the context” and criticised Barroso for leaking the conversation.

“This is incorrect, and is outside all the normal framework of diplomatic practice, if he did say it. This is simply not appropriate for a serious political figure” Ushakov said, according to the Russian Interfax news agency.


Elsewhere, Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko has claimed that a “permanent ceasefire” has been reached between Russia and eastern Ukraine.

Poroshenko tweeted: “As a result of my telephone conversation with the Russian President we reached an agreement on a permanent ceasefire on Donbass [Eastern Ukraine]. Glory to Ukraine.”

However, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov denies a ceasefire has been reached as “Russia is not a party in the conflict”.

US President Barack Obama said no deal between the nations would be reached if Russian continues to send troops in Ukraine “disguised as separatists”.

He told a press conference in Estonia: “We have consistently supported the effort of President Poroshenko to achieve a meaningful ceasefire that could lead to a political settlement of the conflict.

“So far it hasn’t helped, either because Russia hasn’t been serious about it or has pretended that it’s not controlling the separatists.”