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The psychology behind paranormal beliefs

Almost 75% of people hold some sort of paranormal beliefs, including some extremely bright individuals. So what makes the supernatural so appealing?

Having paranormal beliefs is impressively common, even among intelligent people like Winston Churchill and Alan Turing.

Our video explains the deep psychological reasons for having such beliefs, and if you want to find out more then read this story by David Robson.


There’s a Dark Side to Mindfulness Meditation

Four years ago I attended a Prison Yoga Project (PYP) training. James Fox is a valuable outlier in the yoga world. In 2002 he decided to devote his life to bringing yoga to at-risk communities, leading programs in juvenile detention facilities and inner-city community programs in Chicago. After moving to the Bay Area he started donating his time teaching prisoners yoga in San Quentin, which eventually led to PYP.

There are many approaches to a physical yoga practice. I teach a rigorous form of Vinyasa, in which you lead the class through a flowing series of postures and exercises to eventually cool students off with stretches, meditation, and relaxation. You fire up their nervous systems in order to slow them down. This is the exact opposite approach that Fox teaches. 

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8 Mesmerizing Timelapse GIFs Showing How Mushrooms Grow

Mushrooms are known as fast-growing organisms, especially quickly popping up after the rain.


Given the pace of their growth, which is difficult to capture with a human eye, it‘s incredibly interesting to witness the changes of fungi in these mesmerizing time-lapse gifs.


These timelapses show the surprising power of mushroom buds, as they burst through the soil and elegantly expand their caps.


What we see on the surface, though, is only a part of organism, called mushroom fruit.


The fruit is a short-lived reproductive structure, consisting 92% of water (hence the speed of growth).


Meanwhile, mycelium of the mushroom sits and sprouts from the soil.


This part, in contrast to the fruit, can live for years.


If you are curious about the fungi kingdom or simply like finding out more about the processes of nature, these time-lapse shots are the way to go.


30 Essential Poses To Make Yoga A Part Of Your Life (VIDEO)

Tara Carpino is an experienced Yoga Instructor that teaches an assortment of classes to both adults and children through the Greater Toronto Area. Tara makes a great deal of her work available through social media – Facebook: Radiant Flows | Twitter: @RadiantFlows

Christina Dizon is also an experienced Yoga Instructor and the owner of her own yoga school. Find out more about Christina’s company Empowware through their website. Christina also makes her work available through social media – Facebook: Empowware

A home in the Himalayas for Buddhist nuns

Flanked by the upper Himalayan ranges, Ladakh is a remote region along India’s northern tip.

The area is largely Buddhist and its monasteries attract thousands of tourists each year. But a little-known fact about Ladakh is that the region is also home to 28 nunneries.

Photographer Deepti Asthana chronicles the story of one such nunnery in a tiny village called Nyerma.

An elderly nun holds prayer beadsImage copyrightDEEPTI ASTHANA

The tradition of nuns in Buddhism dates back to the time of the Buddha, who is believed to have advocated for the right of women to be ordained.

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10 Holiday Gifts for the Wild Outdoorswoman in Your Life

Here at The Manual, we love to talk about whiskey, boxers, and suits, but that doesn’t mean we forget about the women behind the men. The ones you’re likely shopping for this holiday season. And if you’re browsing Amazon and Main Street alike for the perfect present to gift the outdoorswoman who hikes, bikes, and explores the world by your side, don’t stress. We’re here to help.

Whether it’s a girlfriend, fiancé, wife, mother, heck even grandmother that enjoys the outdoors, we scoured piles of flannels and stacks of gear to find the best female adventurer gifts she wants to unwrap under the tree. And better yet, the majority of the gifts will make her smile whether she’s an advanced hiker, recreational camper, or ‘I-wear-boots-for-fashion’ kinda gal.

Ranging from over a grand to seven bucks, we’re positive you’ll find the perfect gift.Bonus: You’ll probably want to play with some of these too.

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Steven Spielberg Recalls Coming To Blows With E.T. On Film Set

LOS ANGELES—Saying it was by far the most unpleasant directing experience of his career, Steven Spielberg recalled Monday coming to blows with E.T. on the set of the 1982 film E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial.

“I know a lot of people love the movie and love E.T., but working with him almost killed me,” said Spielberg, adding that the film’s star was “an absolute nightmare” from the first day of production, refusing to take direction, changing lines at random, and driving several of the movie’s child actors to tears with his unpredictable and often cruel outbursts.

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