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Wildside – A Book About Those Who Chose Nature

It’s almost as hard to succinctly define the book Wildside: The Enchanted Life of Hunters and Gatherers as it is to summarize the kind of people you will meet in its pages.

We’ll start with the book, though. Wildside, published in 2016 by the Berlin-based publishing and creative agency Gestalten (or, more formally, Die Gestalten Verlag), is similar to many of the other artistic volumes the company has released over the past few decades in that design plays as big a role as content.

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5 things you didn’t know you needed for your next workout

Whether you’re looking to make the most of your trip to your gym or prevent injury, the fitness market is filled of tons of tools and accessories you can use to make every phase of your workout easier, more efficient, and safer.

Have a look at five unexpected things seasoned athletes and fitness rookies alike should consider adding to their gym bags.

A pair of compression socks

A pair of compression socks


Avid runners are prone to getting swollen legs, shin splints, and more serious conditions, like achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis, which can become a burden on and off the treadmill.

In that vein, you might want to invest in some compression socks. Physix Gear Sport’s lightweight socks offer plenty of coverage and provide additional support around the heels and toes. Best of all, this pair has over 2,000 rave reviews on Amazon , so it’s arguably one of the best options you can buy.

Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks, $19.99 – $24.99

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Betty White, Sarah Michelle Gellar, more Hollywood celebs honor National Puppy Day

It’s National Puppy Day!

On Thursday, we give a special smooch to our four-legged friends in honor of their loyalty and love, and who better to get us started than Betty White?

The television legend and lifelong animal rights activist took to Instagram to share a shot of her beloved golden retriever, Pontiac.

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UNStudio designs stations for phase one of the doha metro

UNStudio designs stations for phase one of the doha metro

as principal architects for the qatar integrated railway project (QIRP), UNStudio will complete a metro network that will serve as the primary public transport system within the greater doha area.

UNStudio qatar integrated railway doha metro network designboom

the first phase of the project includes around 35 initial stations, while the subsequent stage will add a further 60 stations to the system.

the full network is planned to comprise four lines connecting the al khor, and al wakrah-mesaieed communities located north and south of doha respectively. the design references the region’s vernacular architecture, acting as a bridge between the country’s past and future. 

UNStudio qatar integrated railway doha metro network designboom

UNStudio has also developed an ‘architectural branding manual’ comprising a set of guidelines, details and material outlines that will assure the spatial quality and clarity of the entire network. the manual will be used by appointed contractors to implement and deliver the first phase of stations.

the celebration of arriving and departing has always been found in the design of stations, explained ben van berkel, co-founder of UNStudio.

UNStudio qatar integrated railway doha metro network designboom

‘for the QIRP we devised an adaptive parametric system which creates open, light and welcoming interiors for each of the individual stations. traditional qatari architectural features are reinterpreted to incorporate new, transformative qualities which capture daylight and direct this into the interiors, creating uplifting and luminous atmospheres.

UNStudio qatar integrated railway doha metro network designboom

one of the design’s key concepts is to create varying scales of identity for the user: network identity – reflecting the overall qatar rail brand; line identity – achieved by creating different atmospheres among the network’s four lines; and station identity – with different features positioned at strategic points in areas of each station.

expanding upon the region’s historical architecture, a series of vaulted spaces are incorporated throughout the proposed scheme, referencing the lightness of the dhow sail and the tensile profiles of nomadic tent.

UNStudio qatar integrated railway doha metro network designboom

ben van berkel continued: through the production of a design manual and with the use of adaptive parametric design, it has been possible for us to create a design with many variants, yet one which maintains a coherent identity throughout all of the stations.

in this way, we can combine local contextual differences within an overall identity and parametrically adapt physical factors such as wayfinding, daylight penetration, passenger flows, constructive elements etc. in a complex but extremely disciplined system.’

UNStudio qatar integrated railway doha metro network designboom

How To Re-Discover Your Motivation

Changing the way you think and adding a few key habits can help you get back the motivation that you lost somewhere along the way.

Companies spend a lot of time and money trying to motivate their employees.

But when was the last time a mug with your company’s logo or a coffee shop gift card made you truly excited? Real motivation doesn’t come from external rewards–it comes from making some shifts in how you think about your situation, says San Diego, California-based personal empowerment expert Susan Fowler, author of Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work . . . And What Does: The New Science of Leading, Energizing, and Engaging.

“Give a whale a fish and it’ll jump as high as you want. Give a pigeon a pellet and it’ll turn 360 degrees. That whole animal behavior theory is what the workplace is built on. We’ve got to get away from that because we’re not pigeons and we’re not whales,” she says.

If you’ve lost your motivational mojo recently, take heart. Changing the way you think and adding a few key habits can help you get it back.


Fowler says that if we want to thrive at work–and in our lives–we need to shift our thinking from rewards and incentives to values and purpose. The key to realizing that purpose lies in what she calls “MVP”: mindfulness, values, and purpose.

By being mindful of your surroundings and how you’re feeling, you will be more open to the value of the overall job and how your role has a benefit to someone or something. Once you make the connection between what you’re doing and how it relates to something that matters to you, you’re going to be more motivated.


Most boring or unpleasant tasks have some redeeming quality. You may be doing some rote job, but perhaps it gives you a few hours away from the phone so you can think. Perhaps you have to have a difficult conversation, but once it’s done, you will have taken a step toward solving a problem.

Look for the bright spot and you’ve begun to clarify why you do what you do every day, says Fayetteville, Arkansas-based performance expert Andy Core, author ofChange Your Day, Not Your Life: A Realistic Guide to Sustained Motivation, More Productivity, and the Art of Working Well.


As you get a better handle on how what you’re doing relates to a greater purpose, find ways to acknowledge progress. If you’ve hit a milestone or achieved a goal, mark your success in a way that makes you happy, says Core. Creating incentives for yourself can help you “get moving and make progress, then that energy can really get you in a better state,” he says. But the incentives have to be meaningful to you rather than imposed upon you by someone else.


Whether it’s a supervisor, coworker or even a spouse or partner, you need someone to acknowledge your efforts, or it’s natural to lose motivation. In a 2008 study published in The Journal of Economic Behavior and Motivation, three groups of people were paid to perform a simple task. The first group’s work was acknowledged, the second group’s was ignored, and the paper on which the third group did the task was immediately shredded. While the people whose work was acknowledged kept going, it took nearly twice as much money for the other two groups to continue to participate. If your work is ignored or disparaged, it’s tough to keep going.

7 Creative and Unusual Wine Label Designs

Meeta Panesar Wine Label Designs


Meeta Panesar’s wine bottle designs were created as an homage to the Op Art movement and the work of artist Joseph Albers.  Panesar carried that Op Art tradition into these conceptual wine labels, some flush with color and geometry, others with tightly wrapped black-and-white lines.  While Meeta Panesar’s wine labels remain a packaging art concept, we’d love to see his work commissioned and produced.

Gut Oggau Portrait Wines


The Oggau Estate is an Austrian winery that has given its wine more than just a flavor, but a personality…  nine of them, to be exact.  The Gut Oggau Portrait Wines labels were designed by Jung von Matt to give each Oggau wine it’s own unique signature.  Jung von Matt explains: “Just like every man, every wine has its own individual character ranging from young to mature, from playful to complex. We assigned a face, a story and a name to these different attributes. Eventually, this led to a typical family clan with grandparents, parents and children.

Honey Moon Wine


While we’ve never had the palette for sweet wines, this bottle by designer Lauren Golembiewski has our sweet tooth a-humming.  Golembiewski created the Honey Moon Wine concept as an annual gift to past and prospective clients in celebration of a budding summer.  The “honey moon” is the first full moon of the month of June, known as the perfect moment to begin the harvest of honey.  While the bottle is certainly an achievement of its own, Golembiewski also created the honey moon font as shown in the gallery below.

Mini Garage Winery


As long as you don’t store these wines in your garage (especially next to the turpentine), you’re in for a tasty treat of packaging design.  The Mini Garage Wines and Brandies by Anthony Hammond have a literal conception– Hammond’s wine is produced in a former tractor shop in Germany.  The packaging is amongst the most creative on this list, although we’re skeptical on their ability to preserve the original flavor of the product.  Perhaps its the condition of the rusty turpentine cans in our own garage

Shefa Profusion Wine


The word “Shefa” translates from Hebrew as “profusion”, with these wines named as such for their youthful abundance.  The Shefa Profusion Wines are flush with Hebrew iconography and imagery, giving these a decidedly Middle Eastern appearance.  While little is known about the waters within, the bottles themselves certainly have an intoxicating effect

The Wine Case Lamp by Ciclus


In a society where consumption nearly always ends with waste, the Wine Case Lamp is a bold statement.  After you finish this bottle, its case can be constructed into a fully functional (and well-designed) slatted lamp.  Just pop the cork, fill up a few glasses and let there be light.

Vine Parma Wine


Designer Raya Ivanovskaya has put a wealth of cultural flavor into the Vine Parma Wine design.  Wrapping around this bottle are hieroglyphics, totems and a mystic language telling tales of times past.  Inserted subtly into this design are the basic details about the wine– including a bar code, distribution information, alcohol content and more.  This is more than just a wine bottle, it’s a work of art…

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