That’s one way to wind down after a long flight! Glamorous German air hostess shows off her VERY impressive yoga moves

  • Evi Schwarzfischer, 28, regularly practises yoga after landing from a long flight 
  • The flexible German, from Regensburg, shows off her moves on balmy beaches 
  • Her super-toned physique has earned the vegan a legion of fans on Instagram
  • Lufthansa cabin crew member also posts images of her day job 

Have yoga, can travel: Schwarzfischer says she can perform her poses wherever she is in the world

Negotiating hundreds of passengers, luggage and a trolley full of refreshments can require a certain nimbleness, something flight attendant Evi Schwarzfischer has in spades.

The blonde says that her day job  can take a physical toll on her skin and body...and that fitness and fresh air counters that

The 28-year-old German beauty regularly posts snaps of herself posing in a variety of body-twisting yoga positions, showing how she winds down after a long day in the skies – and collects thousands of likes along the way.

Her envy-inducing images regularly attract a thousand or more likes on Instagram

Schwarzfischer, a newly qualified fitness trainer from Regensburg, says she combats the effects of working at 30,000 feet has on her skin and body by performing the ambitious moves in the exotic locations that she’s flown to.

The blonde fitness fanatic says her personal motto is: ‘Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live with.’

Show me the beach! An early morning routine is performed shore-side

She told German publication a vegan lifestyle has helped: ‘Since I’ve been living vegan, I just feel better. Meat and dairy products leach the body.’

Just the two of us: Schwarzfischer also often enlists the help of her boyfriend in performing more complicated yoga moves

When it comes to exercise, alongside yoga on the move, Schwarzfischer walks or cycle everywhere she can and says her body is down to never using a car unless she really has to.

Never take the car! Exercise and fresh air have become her mantra for a good life

Other photographs on her social media accounts show the pretty vegan enjoying a spot of paddle-boarding and swimming in a pool.

Now, the toned fitness instructor, who's been a flight attendant for six years, hopes her yoga career will also take off

At work, there are snaps of her looking sharp-suited in her navy blue Lufthansa uniform including one where she’s sitting on the engine of a plane.



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