Meet the VERY flexible Russian dancer, 24, who quit her job to travel the world – one yoga pose at time!


  • Ekaterina Terenina, from Irkutsk, ditched her old life to explore the globe while practicing the practice  
  • Images of the 24-year-old show her performing various stances in some of the most iconic locations
  • To date she’s visited numerous tourist hot-spots, including Nepal, Spain, Thailand, Montenegro and Italy

Getting comfortable in a Nepalese doorway


Most people get to travel for just a few weeks, each year.

Showing off the results of her fitness in Thailand

But, unfulfilled by the so-called rat race, Ekaterina Terenina ditched her mundane life in Irkutsk, Russia, in order to accomplish her dream of seeing the world – one yoga pose at a time.

If you've got it, flaunt it! The 24-year-old has sculpted an impressive body thanks to her commitment to the ancient practice 

And now the 24-year-old has become a social media star by documenting her journey with stunning snaps from a host of jaw-dropping locations.

Since embarking on her journey, she’s racked-up more than 11,000 Instagram followers and continues to attract new fans with her social media uploads.

Working out in Montenegro: The brunette beauty showcases her flexibility while stood before a huge waterfall 

Especially as her pictures often show her flanked by some of the planet’s best hot-spots, including Nepal, Spain, Thailand, Montenegro and Italy.

Living the good life! Russian dancer Ekaterina Terenina pictured performing one of many yoga poses in Thailand

But her glamorous life is a million miles away from the lethargic, lonely place she first started from in 2015.

Nobody's looking at the view!  More envy-inducing shots of Ekaterina enjoying her passion in the hills of The Balkans

‘I was completely uninterested in everything, tired from work and had no personal life,’ the yoga instructor reveals of her life before she overhauled it.

Displaying more flexibility in Montenegro

‘I had low self-esteem and physical lethargy. I fell into a kind of depressed state and that was the moment when I decided something needed to change.

In her homeland's capital: Ekaterina pictured on a rooftop in Moscow - the  most populous city of Russia

‘I wanted to change it for a long time but I didn’t have the courage to leave since the club I worked for [as a dancer] earned me a steady salary.

Feeling exotic: Enjoying the sunshine and wide, open spaces in one of Granada's many manicured gardens

‘Originally, I wanted to move to the USA; that was always my dream, but I didn’t get a visa so I completely changed my route and went to Thailand. I have no regrets.’

Pictured distracting from the expensive yachts in Almeria

‘My mood became instantly better and when I went travelling I began to sleep well at night, was always warm, swam in the sea, met so many people and my mood began to rise,’ she added.

Showing off on the sands of Barcelona

‘I became more confident, freer. But I appreciate every period of my life; even the worst periods takes us somewhere.

Never a dull moment: Always on-duty, Ekaterina finds opportunity to perform in the most unusual places

‘The only thing about this way of life is that I don’t have a steady living with a house and a permanent life; I’m always living out of a suitcase and can’t be in one place for long.’

However, she enjoys plenty of perks, including the ability to indulge in her spiritual and physical exercise passion.

Bending over backwards for her yoga: Sight-seeing in the beautiful and historic city of Turin

‘Yoga has taught me how to listen to my heart and following the right path,’ she adds. ‘That’s when I decided to learn more about yoga and then went to Nepal.’

There, Ekaterina joined a yoga teaching 200-hour class, where she developed her knowledge in the discipline and had the opportunity to teach others’

Showcasing her skills to locals in Granada

‘I chose Nepal for teaching because it was a completely new and unusual country for me,’ she detailed.

A star is born! Since embarking on her journey, she's racked-up more than 11,000 Instagram followers and continues to attract new fans with her social media uploads

‘It was a great way to get out of my comfort zone, because the course was completely on English language which I wasn’t very fluent on’.

‘It was a difficult and the best experience I have ever had. We had a little exam at the end of the course.

‘We could give our own yoga class for others and I did it well, understanding that ‘I can do it’ and decided one day that I would teach yoga to other people for a living.’

The Nepalese experience then reinforced her dream of becoming someone who is proficient in the study and practise of yoga, or a ‘yogi’.

Exotic fun and fitness, too: Enjoying one of the many beautiful sunsets in Thailand... 

‘For me, yogi is a person who listens to their heart, trusts in the universe and of’ course applies yoga into their daily lives,she added.

‘My advice is that you don’t need to be afraid to go where you want to go and want to be. Try to do what you want to do.

‘The world is open to any person if the person is open to the world.’


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