Ukrainian Opposition Holds Kyiv March In Support Of Presidential Impeachment Law

Thousands of Ukrainian opposition activists have rallied in central Kyiv, calling on parliament to adopt legislation on presidential impeachment.

Police said the demonstration organized by Mikheil Saakashvili’s Movement of New Forces party attracted 2,500 people, but local reports said about 5,000 people participated.

The demonstrators dispersed peacefully after marching through the city center and holding a rally on European Square.

Antigovernment protesters set up a tent city outside the parliament building on October 17, calling for the cancellation of parliamentary immunity, the creation of an anticorruption court, amendments to election laws, and legislation on the impeachment of the president.

The protests were initially called by Saakashvili, a onetime ally of President Petro Poroshenko, but many of Ukraine’s opposition political leaders have also joined the demonstrations.

From 2004 to 2013, Saakashvili was president of Georgia, where he is wanted on suspicion of trying to organize a coup there after his exit from office, allegations he denies.

In 2015, he was appointed by Poroshenko to be governor of the Odesa region and surrendered his Georgian citizenship to take the post.

However, Saakashvili resigned in November 2016, saying his reform efforts had been blocked by Poroshenko’s allies.

Saakashvili was then stripped of Ukrainian citizenship by Poroshenko in June 2017 in a move he is challenging in court.

Poroshenko has said the real goal of the protest organizers is to destabilize Ukraine.


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