NEW naked trend! Kim Kardashian, Marnie Simpson, Demi Rose bare boobs & lady bits!

It can be difficult for celebrities to make headlines these days. Especially since so may of their peers are willing to do almost anything to land themselves some coverage in the world’s press. With that in mind, the latest fashion trend doesn’t seem quite so surprising.

Recently stars have been stepping out in clothes that leave them so exposed they may as well be naked, or at least half clothed. It is all the craze from reality TV stars to actors alike.

 The worst offender of course is Ms Kim Kardashian. As if it isn’t bad enough that she wears those awful see-through plastic boots her husband released, she’s started exposing all sorts of other skin, while fully clothed.

The Sun has run a picture of the brunette beauty wearing a top that conceals literally nothing. Not much of a surprise considering some of her Instagram pictures!

Marnie Simpson is another frequent offender. The newspaper shows a picture of the English celebrity wearing a dress that not only shows off her ample cleavage, but leaves little to the imagination when it comes to her lady garden too. Then again, if Marnie wants to stand out ahead of her Geordie Shore cast mates she really does need to do something drastic!

Demi Rose recently stepped out in a black lace number, with no underwear and she might as well have worn clingfilm!

Fans and photographers loved her getup. But is this just another case of The Emperors New Clothes?


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