8 Mesmerizing Timelapse GIFs Showing How Mushrooms Grow

Mushrooms are known as fast-growing organisms, especially quickly popping up after the rain.


Given the pace of their growth, which is difficult to capture with a human eye, it‘s incredibly interesting to witness the changes of fungi in these mesmerizing time-lapse gifs.


These timelapses show the surprising power of mushroom buds, as they burst through the soil and elegantly expand their caps.


What we see on the surface, though, is only a part of organism, called mushroom fruit.


The fruit is a short-lived reproductive structure, consisting 92% of water (hence the speed of growth).


Meanwhile, mycelium of the mushroom sits and sprouts from the soil.


This part, in contrast to the fruit, can live for years.


If you are curious about the fungi kingdom or simply like finding out more about the processes of nature, these time-lapse shots are the way to go.



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