Getting a pair of Victoria’s Secret wings is such a big deal that there’s a ‘code word’ for models who will wear them

  • Angel Josephine Skriver told Coveteur that Victoria’s Secret has a secret code to show models their runway wings.
  • It usually happens during final fittings when they are least expecting to receive a pair of wings.
  • Even the design team does not know which model wears which pair of wings until the final fittings.
  • Not every model wears wings for the annual fashion show.

KĂ©ptalĂĄlat a következƑre: „victoria secret”

Wearing wings on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway is a big deal, even for the 14 officially contracted Angels. And the Victoria’s Secret team clearly knows this — they even have a playful process for showing the chosen models their precious wings.

Model Elsa Hosk wears a creation during the Victoria's Secret fashion show in Shanghai.

In an interview with Coveteur, Angel Josephine Skriver revealed that the Victoria’s Secret team uses a secret code that completely caught her off guard when she was given her wings.

At one of her final fittings for the show, the Danish model told Coveteur that a team member said, “Oh let me bring out the belt.” To Skriver’s surprise, they weren’t actually referring to a belt — instead they returned with beautiful angel wings. “It’s different for everyone, but for me, it was ‘belt.'”

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With 50-plus models walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and a team of artisans and sculptors who have spent months finalizing design concepts and construction, we get why the elaborately handcrafted masterpieces are reserved for a select number of models each year.

KĂ©ptalĂĄlat a következƑre: „victoria secret”

Each pair of wings can take up to 400 hours to make, as Marian Hose, a notorious wing maker for Victoria’s Secret, explained in an interview with Teen Vogue. And the models get it.

“Even when you become an angel, even just walking as a VS model, it’s your dream to wear the wings,” Skriver told Coveteur.

KĂ©ptalĂĄlat a következƑre: „victoria secret”

Apparently, there’s an element of surprise for both the models and designers. Hose told Teen Vogue that the designers don’t know who will be wearing each pair of wings until the final fittings.

The team meets with a fit model for the first four or five rounds of fittings per pair of wings, and it isn’t until the very last minute that they get to meet the designated Victoria’s Secret model. That’s when they make the final adjustments to make sure everything is perfect.

KĂ©ptalĂĄlat a következƑre: „victoria secret”

It’s obviously a privilege to be cast in the show, period, but being cast with wings is truly special — after all, they have been part of the runway event since 1998.


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