Oligarch father of Ukrainian road carnage heiress, 20, says he is ‘on his knees’ begging victims and their families to forgive his daughter after she appears sobbing in court facing a 10-year sentence

  • The Ukrainian energy company heiress crashed her luxury black Lexus at 60mph
  • Funerals of the victims are taking place today as Zaitseva faces 10 years in jail 
  • Lawyers of oligarch Vasily Zaitsev are now working on a compensation package
  • Ukrainian state TV suggest the package could help Zaitseva avoid prison 

The oligarch whose daughter’s speeding car rammed into pedestrians at a street crossing says he and his wife were ‘on our knees’ begging victims’ families to ‘forgive’ the 20 year old heiress.

In one funeral, grandmother Lyudmila Farbis buried her daughter Alla Sokol, 46, and granddaughter Anastasia Sokol, who would have turned 20 this week (still of a funeral from a victim today)

Sickening videos of the crash showed Alyona Zaitseva’s black Lexus plough into the helpless crowd after she jumped a red light.

Five died and six were seriously injured in the tragic crash in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.

The sociology student — who had previous fines for speeding — is held in detention for two months pending a criminal investigation into the crash, and faces up to ten years in jail if convicted.

In a tearful statement in the aftermath of the bloody tragedy, Ms Zaitseva, currently detained for two months pending a criminal investigation, had vowed help for her victims



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