‘Great danger’: Ex CIA boss warns Trump’s loose talk with North Korea could prove catastrophic

The former director of the CIA and the NSA said on Monday that President Donald Trump’s “tough but imprecise” talk on the issue of North Korea is leading to an escalation that’s putting people in “great danger.”

Retired Gen. Michael Hayden appeared on CNN’s “New Day” on Monday and told anchor Alisyn Camerota that Defense Secretary James Mattis is speaking the language of diplomacy and setting clear limits on what the U.S. will and won’t do. However, Trump is complicating matters with his back-and-forth bluster toward North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un.

Mattis made “a very tough, but a very precise statement,” Hayden said. “Which is a little bit different than some of the things the president has been allowing himself to say, Alisyn, which have been very tough, but very imprecise, and that could lead to great danger.”


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