Poroshenko Compares Crisis In East Ukraine With 1986 Chernobyl Disaster

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has compared the April 26, 1986, Chernobyl nuclear disaster with the ongoing crisis in Ukraine’s east, adding that “Russia is conducting an undeclared war against his country.”

Speaking at Chernobyl nuclear plant site on April 26, where he and his Belarusian counterpart Alyaksandr Lukashenka commemorated victims of the nuclear disaster on its 31st anniversary, Poroshenko said:

“We, Ukrainians, are now fighting for our independence, for sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country, for liberation of Donbas and Crimea. We again have buried thousands of people. Again we have hundreds of thousands of displaced people…. I am confident, all together we will defeat that demon as well.”

Poroshenko also said he was confident that Belarus cannot be dragged into a conflict against Ukraine.

“Nobody will make Ukraine and Belarus quarrel. I have received a firm assurance on that from the Belarusian president,” Poroshenko said.

Lukashenka assured Poroshenko that Minsk will do everything for “establishing peace” in Ukraine.

“No matter whether somebody likes it or not, we are relatives. We are neighbors, brothers, and therefore be sure, Belarusians are and will always be your reliable friends,” Lukashenka said.


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