First picture of smiling schoolboy Adrian Elms before his journey to becoming murderous terrorist Khalid Masood

After growing up in a sleepy Sussex village he was jailed for attacking two men in separate knife attacks before killing four in Westminster terror attack on Wednesday

This is the first photograph of London terror attacker Khalid Masood – pictured as a football-loving teenager – who went from Middle England schoolboy to serial killer on the streets of London.

It also emerged today that the killer behind Wednesday’s attack on Westminster had a traditional upbringing in the leafy Home Counties, where he spent much of his life.

More information about the killer who struck at the heart of democracy with his senseless attack on Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday has surfaced overnight.

Police revealed this morning that Masood’s birth name was Adrian Russell Ajao, born in Kent on Christmas Day in 1964.

Among a number of aliases, he also went by the name Adrian Elms and Khalid Chowdhury , having apparently turned his back on his cosy family upbringing at some point during his five decades on this earth.

The town streets and countryside of Rye in East Sussex

His mother, Janet Ajao, now lives with a husband and their border collie dog in a farm in rural west Wales, surrounded by chickens, where she runs an online business selling handmade bags and cushions.

Last night there was a heavy police presence in the village of Trelech, Carmarthenshire.

Janet’s description for her firm on the website Folksy, she says: “Hello, I’m Janet and I live in rural west Wales with my husband, border collie and a few chickens.

“Our home is tucked away at the end of a little lane, and it’s here that you’ll find me making bags and cushions.”

The MailOnline reports that Janet gave birth to Masood as a single mother at age 17.

Less than two years later she married a man called Phillip Ajao.

Masood then grew up in a £300,000 house in the seaside town of Rye, East Sussex, alongside two half-brothers.

Around two decades later they moved to Tunbridge Wells.

It is known that by the time Masood was in his late twenties he had amassed a long list of criminal convictions.

At some point he had also changed his name from Adrian to Khalid – and moved to a less wealthy suburb of Birmingham in recent years.

Masood had a violent encounter in the village of Northiam in Sussex (Photo: Daily Mirror)

His first known conviction was for criminal damage in November 1983 – aged just 19.

The last to be recorded was in December 2003 – when he stabbed a man in the face in Eastbourne.

At age 35 – by which time he was married – he is known to have lived in the quiet Sussex village of Northiam where it’s claimed he was ‘one of only two black men’.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Masood snapped because of alleged racism in his village – and slashed the face of a cafe owner Piers Mott in July 2000.

Masood was reportedly ‘one of only two black men’ living in Northiam (Photo: PA)

The Telegraph adds that he was radicalised in prison where he had been jailed for the argument which, the court heard, had “racial overtones” – and that Masood had been drinking before the violent attack.

Hove Crown Court heard at the time that Masood had been in conflict with his victim before.

After leaving the Crown and Thistle pub where he argued with his victim, Masood lost his temper and slashed seat covers in Mott’s car.

He then waved the knife at his victim, catching his face and leaving him needing 20 stitches.

It’s claimed that his wife and family became “ostracised” by the village following the attack.

The argument broke out in a pub and spilled into a car park in Northiam (Photo: Daily Mirror)

Alexander Taylor-Camara, defending, said: “When the defendant moved to the local area it was to try to give his family and himself a better and more tranquil way of life.

“The majority of people seemed to get on well with them but there was a problem with this man. Things got out of hand on this particular day.

“There were racial overtones in the argument between himself and the victim. He let that get to him – unusually, because in the past he has been able to shrug off that sort of abuse.

“He lost his temper and decided to take it out on this gentleman’s vehicle. But in one movement the knife came into contact with the victim’s face.

The Brighton hotel where Masood is believed to have spent his last night before the attack (Photo: Tripadvisor)

“His wife and family have now become ostracised in the village. It is a very small community and his wife and family have been extremely affected by this.

“He will effectively have to move his family from the village and start to live his life all over again. It will leave the village with a view of black people in the area. The trust that may have been there in the beginning is now completely lost.

“He does deeply regret this incident ever arising and expresses remorse for what he has done.”

Masood was jailed for two years for the attack.

Three years later, Masood is also said to have stabbed a man in the nose before he travelled to Saudi Arabia for which he was jailed for six months for possession of an offensive weapon.

Inside the Brighton hotel room where Masood spent his final hours (Photo: Tripadvisor)

During his jailing, Masood is known to have served time in Lewes in East Sussex, Wayland prison in Norfolk and Ford open prison in West Sussex.

In recent years he gave his occupation to people who asked as ‘English teacher’ – but it’s claimed that he never taught in any state schools.

The Sun reports that he told staff at the hotel in Brighton where it’s claimed he spent his last night he was worried his father was suffering from cancer – and that his mother was struggling to cope at the family home.

He is also reported to have boasted about how they bought the house in Wales for £10,000 – when it is now worth half a million.


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