Hackers claim to have stolen naked pictures of telly favourite Holly Willoughby

The This Morning presenter has reportedly been contacted by people claiming to have X-rated pictures of her

Compromising pictures of Holly Willoughby are said to have been stolen by hackers who are now threatening to leak them online, it’s been claimed today – although insiders say no such photos exist.

According to The Sun , the apparent nude photos could have been stolen in a new wave of hacks to have hit certain celebrities following the infamous iCloud security breach of 2014, then dubbed ‘The Fappening’.

Now the likes of Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried are being targeted by hackers who may have guessed their social media passwords and gained access to their private photographs.

However, a source close to Holly says the This Morning presenter isn’t worried about the latest hacks, because no such pictures exist.

“Holly is unconcerned as these are baseless accusations as far as she is concerned,” said the insider.

Emma Watson is also thought to have pictures taken from her private files, although it is not thought that these are of an intimate nature.

The actress and UN Ambassador reportedly had a number of personal photos stolen and posted on the dark web.

Emma Watson

Private images showing the Beauty and the Beast star during a swimsuit fitting are currently being circulated. Alongside the swimsuit images are nude photos of an unknown woman in the bath – although Ms Watson has denied these are of her.

The 26-year-old has announced last week that she has instructed her lawyers to deal with the issue.


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