Taylor Swift the latest victim of naked photo leak / hack? Fappening 2.0?

Last night it was reported that Taylor Swift was the latest victim of the hacking group who are releasing naked pictures of celebrities from around the world…..and worse.

We have reported over the last few days about pictures of Amanda Seyfried, Katie Cassidy and Dylan Penn and WWE stars Paige and Kaitlyn leaking on porn sites and social media. Some of these stars even has sex tapes and raunchy video made available to fans, after their phones or private computers were compromised.

The scandal has been named The Fappening and yesterday RadarOnline reported on other potential victims, claiming that Taylor Swift was in the group of famous ladies who have been hacked.


However, fear now Swift fans because it seems that is nothing more than an unfounded rumour. GossipCop reports that Swift is safe and that the blonde beauty is way too careful than to allow her career to be jeopardised in this way.

Ed Sheeran recently revealed that Taylor is so worried about her new songs getting leaked that when he was collaborating with her, instead of emailing the track to him, she sent a member of staff across the country. The man in question had the song loaded onto an iPad which Ed was allowed to listen to but not keep.

We would think that if Swift is this careful with her music, she would be doubly attentive to private pictures and media.

In 2015 Taylor’s Twitter was hacked and it was reported then that naked pictures would follow. At the time she tweeted: “Any hackers saying they have ‘nudes’? Psssh you’d love that wouldn’t you! Have fun photoshopping cause you got NOTHING.”

It seems that stands true for 2017.


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