Rihanna played a drinking game just to get through watching her bates motel sex scenes

It turns out even actual Rihanna can’t bear to watch herself acting on TV, to the point where she resorted to starting a drinking game to get through it.

What a hero.

The singer and now actress took to Instagram this week during the airing of her episode of Bates Motel, during which she live streamed her reaction to her sex scenes.

‘This is so weird, oh my god,’ she said as she all but hid behind the sofa, soon devising a far better way of dealing with the cringe: A drinking game!

Yep, RiRi proposed that every time someone mentioned the name ‘Norman’ they take a tequila shot.

So that’s every other word then.

While Rihanna’s acting skills haven’t come as a surprise to exec producer of the show Carlton Cuse, who previously told Variety: ‘She has enormous charisma.’

He continued: ‘I think it’s no accident that any number of singers have successfully transitioned into acting. Among my personal favorites are Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra.’


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