Meghan Markle May Quit Acting Soon Because Duh

Everyone keeps saying that Prince Hot Ginge and Meghan Markle are going to get engaged by the end of the summer, and no, that high-pitched wail that just stabbed your eardrums wasn’t from me loudly crying while thinking about the day that I’ll watch my beautiful(ly delusional) dreams go up in flames as I burn the assless cropped tuxedo I was planning to wear during my wedding to PHG.

If Meghan Markle becomes Duchess Meghan, she’ll be way too busy waving and smiling alongside Duchess Kate at the opening of whatever to do acting stuff. But a source tells E! News that Meghan would’ve probably quit acting even if she wasn’t with PHG. Uh huh…

The source says that Meghan has been shooting new episodes of Suits, but she’s ready to be done with it and acting in general. Meghan wants to focus on charity work.

“Even before Harry, she was starting to think about transitioning out of acting. She wants to focus on other worldly endeavors she is passionate about, like her philanthropy.”

E!’s source also talks about how Meghan, who lives and works in Canada, is the “darling of Toronto.” May a moose bite that source’s lying tongue! Sandra Rinomato will forever be thee darling of Toronto!5

But really, I kind of wish that Meghan wouldn’t quit acting. Because I want to hear stories about how THE QUEEN has to try to mask her utter disgust while introducing Meghan as “Harry’s wife whose profession is playing pretend on an American basic cable network called USA.” I bet THE QUEEN’s Corgis would have to get behind her every time she said, “basic cable network called USA,” because she’d probably fall backward from the horror of it all.

And here’s the hardest working royal in the game working a ceremony in London that celebrated the bicentenary of bilateral relations between the UK and Nepal.


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