5 Gadgets for the New Home Vol.2 : Creating a High Tech Space of Your Own

New Home Gadgets 2014

New Home Gadgets – A new home presents new opportunities, and an old home can always be reinvented. Today, some of the most exciting trends in home design and technology are happening in connectivity, in the way we connect with our homes and the devices within it. These trends in new home gadgets for 2014 include connected light bulbs, door locks and thermostats, plus advanced vacuum technology for keeping your pride and joy clean and presentable. Enjoy the list, here’s to finding some inspiration to celebrate your new home or reinvent the old.

1. Philips Hue Home Lighting

New Home Gadgets 2014 - Philips Hue Home Lighting

The Philips Hue personal wireless lighting system features LED bulbs that connect to your wireless network for app control from a mobile device at home or on the road.  You can change color tones, set on/off timers and even tell the bulbs to illuminate as you approach and dim as you depart. 

Before you write it off as a gimmicky product, consider how it would exist in your new home.  When your mobile alarm goes off in the morning, the Philips Hue bulbs can illuminate gently to help you out of bed.  If you’re running late at the end of the night but don’t want to advertise that your house is empty, turn on your interior lights from your mobile phone

On a date night with your better half, you can set the mood on your interior lights on a whim, all without leaving the sofa.  There are a wide range of applications for the Philips Hue bulbs, to the point that connected light bulbs are certainly the thing of the future.

2. Netatmo Home Weather System

If your local weather report never seems accurate, the Netatmo Home Weather System is a healthy alternative.  Speaking of health, it isn’t just designed to provide an accurate picture of outdoor weather, but also the air quality inside your home. 

New Home Gadgets 2014 - Netatmo Home Weather System

The Netatmo Home Weather System includes two devices, one for outdoors and one inside, to track the conditions in your own living environment.  If your house could use some ventilation, Netatmo will tell you.  If a sudden storm is quickly approaching, Netatmo will tell you that too. 

If there’s a perfect time to open the windows and run an efficient indoor climate, this system will tell you.  It’s a smart, connected weather system that syncs with your mobile device to give you an accurate read on what’s going on in your home environment.

3. Nest Smart Thermostat

One of the first home gadgets to get the connected treatment was the thermostat, specifically the Nest Smart Thermostat.  The brainchild of ex-Apple designer Tony Fadell, the Nest thermostat uses high design, simple controls and connected technology to provide smart control of your home environment. 

New Home Gadgets 2014 - Nest Smart Thermostat

It learns your use patterns — commuting schedule, sleep schedules, etc — and turns your home heating and cooling off an on based on your comfort. It is designed to save you money by using the most efficient heating/cooling cycles based on your usage, a big improvement over traditional “dumb” thermostats.  By doing so, Nest aims to lower your heating and cooling bills by 20%, quickly covering the cost of a unit upon first purchase.

4. Airocide Air Purifier

New Home Gadgets 2014 - Airocide Air Purifier

Who knew– you can keep your air clean and pure without an ugly black tower in the middle of your room ruining the feng shui.  The Airocide Air Purifier is a high-design, high tech air purifier built to keep your breathing air safe and clean. 

It does so in ultimate style, standing like a piece of contemporary art for your living room.  It can be placed on a stand or on a table, looking like a silent speaker more than an air purifier

It works as good as it looks, too — it removes close to 100% of the common pathogens in a home from bacteria to mold to pollen and more.  It’s a bit on the pricy side at $799, but the value in clean, breathable air could pay for itself in the future.

5. Canary Home Security Device

This little device is a magic bullet for home security.  Canary a compact home security system that includes an HD camera, a microphone, a motion detection system and night vision to view your home environment and send alerts directly to your mobile device.  Want to check in on the dogs? 

New Home Gadgets 2014 - Canary Home Security Device

Want to make sure the repair contractor isn’t snooping?  Is there movement in your home when you’re not there?  Canary is designed to analyze and report disturbances in your home so you know about it right away.  You can then view your home directly from Canary’s camera, using one or multiple devices around your home. 

It’s a pretty revolutionary system, providing a new kind of connection with your home while you’re away.  It puts you in charge, letting you make the decisions on how to handle unexpected home events.


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