The cover of The Beatles’ Abbey Road was shot 45 years ago today

Forty-five years ago, the iconic Beatles album cover for Abbey Road was taken. 

The shot itself took a mere ten minutes and only took six frames but it is arguably the most iconic album cover of all time.

At any one time you are bound to find four people in Abbey Road, north London, standing on the zebra crossing with a fifth person taking a photograph of them.

“It could have been very different, because the original title was going to be ‘Everest’,” Beatles tour guide Richard Porter said.

“But someone suggested they go to Mount Everest to take the photo and they said ‘no we’re not doing

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Almost half a century later and the residential street in North London is still visited by thousands of fans every year hoping to recreate the picture on the Beatles final album cover.

The popularity of the crossing has led Abbey Road Studio to set up a live webcam, where people from all over the world can watch fans posing in homage to the Fab Four. 

Not everyone shares the fans’ enthusiasm for the crossing.

There have been complaints from residents about graffiti and fans holding up traffic.

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The scene at the Abbey Road crossing at 11.35am today, 45 years to the minute since The Beatles had their photo taken

“There have been a couple of accidents in the past, luckily only minor ones, but drivers can get rather irate,” Mr Porter said.

But the honking cars do nothing to stop the allure of the crossing.

“It’s like a kind of pilgrimage for all Beatles fans,” said one tourist.

Today fans descended on the street for their own tributes. The stars of the West End musical ‘Let it be’ play to a large crowd of fans next to the Abbey Road crossing, exactly 45 years after the iconic album cover photo was taken, in St John’s Wood, north London.


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