TOP 10 bike designs of 2017 (PHOTOS)

bikes have drastically changed the way we navigate and pedal our way through cities, facilitating how we get from A to B. we’ve come a long way since the draisine was invented in the early 19th century, and 2017 continued to prove what the powerful future of two-wheeled transportation might look like. from transparent bike frames to electric velocipedes, designboom brings you a survey of the top 10 bike designs of 2017.

created in collaboration with BASF, german design studio DING3000 has developed ‘concept 1865′, an e-velocipede. drawing reference from 1865  – the year when BASF was founded and when karl drais’ wooden ‘dandy horse’ was introduced to the public – the project sees the 19th century bicycle re-imagined as a modern e-bike using a selection of advanced materials.

WOOD.b wooden bicycles by BSG bikes

image © BSG

created by french designers thierry boltz and claude saos of BSG bikes, the ‘WOOD.b’ is conceived as a high-quality urban bike, influenced by a passion for cycling. the concept incorporates the use of a unique frame system: it draws functional elements from traditional bike parts, but delivers a refined metal and layered wood veneer package.

image courtesy velonia bikes

the ‘viks‘ urban fixed gear commuter bike is made entirely from stainless steel tubes, featuring two identically shaped cylindrical frames  to form its body. developed by estonian engineer indrek narusk and owner of velonia bicycles, the design of ‘viks’ draws styling cues from cafe racer-style motorcycles and classic streamlined aesthetics.

image courtesy designaffairs studio

using new materials and manufacturing techniques, german designaffairs studio has envisioned the future of bicycle frame engineering and production with ‘the clarity bike’. by using ‘trivex’ – an alternative to polycarbonate – the advanced polymer combines high impact resistance with flexible and lightweight technologies that can be found in traditional italian steel frames.

pibal bicycles by philippe starck

image courtesy philippe starck

philippe starck in collaboration with french car brand peugeot has developed a bike for the city of bordeaux, france’s bike sharing program. considered a cross between a bicycle and a scooter, the design is set to promote and continue encouraging citizens to chose this mode of transportation within the city, which has seen the number of cyclists triple in the last 15 years following the implementation of a initiatives such as limited car traffic and developing the tramway.

image courtesy žarko bubalo

influenced by shipbuilding and aircraft design, serbian designer žarko bubalo has made two models of wooden bicycles ‘perfect day’ and ‘imagine’. the combination of the natural wood with reinforced glass fiber and epoxy produces a smooth riding experience with a high-level of vibration absorption.

mclaren F1 + specialized’s road bike

image © steve gallagher

bike manufacturer specialized have collaborated with formula one team mclaren to preview the sequel to ‘venge’, the UCI-legal (union cycliste internationale) road bike. requiring a new formula for light weight, stiffness, and aerodynamics, both teams applied their extensive knowledge to materials technology, and manufacturing methods normally reserved for different kinds of racing applications to create a bicycle with unparalleled speed.

image courtesy bikeID

created exclusively for the museum of modern art’s design store in new york city, the ‘svart bike’ is a fully stripped down bicycle featuring an automatic two-speed gear system built directly into the rear axle, eliminating the need for cables and levers.

image courtesy samuel bernier

designers samuel bernier and andreas bhends have conceived ‘draisienne’, the chair-cum-bicycle developed using a series of IKEA hacks with bespoke 3D printed parts and instructions. using modified components from the frosta stool, a fully functioning bike is born.

image © vanmoof

designed as the world’s first intelligent commuter bike, the ‘VANMOOF 10′ electrified takes feedback from advances in the car industry and combines features such as GPS tracking and smart power control.built with an anodized aluminum frame the VANMOOF 10 integrates a lightweight 209Wh battery into a sleek, minimal package, giving the bike range capabilities of 30km to 60km.


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