Exexe Completes Centor HQ And Showroom In Warsaw

polish studio exexe has completed a showroom for australian doors company centor in warsaw. the multi-functional space marks the first central/eastern european headquarters for the business, and possesses a minimalistic mindset meant to spur creativity while simultaneously presenting all centor has to offer.

exexe centor headquarters showroom warsaw poland designboom

the semi-narrow, rectangular interior is defined by three folded-wall objects created specifically for the space.  their shapes sub-divide the overall expanse into smaller, consecutive areas; each of which is used for a different purpose.

included regions are: an entrance, lounge, garden/product display room, reception and staircase to mezzanine, office/conference chamber, kitchen and toilet.

exexe centor headquarters showroom warsaw poland designboom

seeing how the showroom is for a door company, centor’s products play a heavy role throughout. doors are placed in four distinct places, and work in tandem with folded-walls to both separate and connect different zones.

the entrance area is equipped with comfortable furnishings, presenting visitors with a homey atmosphere from the moment they step inside.


moving further in to the ‘heart’ of the showroom is the small interior garden and main product display. low profile chairs, as well as three removable flower pots, enable quick rearrangement of the informal gathering place and its exhibited merchandise.

exexe centor headquarters showroom warsaw poland designboom

a reception desk is clearly visible from the green space, which was deliberately located to form a constant visual connection between cantor employees and customers.

exexe centor headquarters showroom warsaw poland designboom

the desk itself is another custom element that ties in visually with all other components. its distinct two level composition allows for computer work at one end, and standing-level communication for the rest.

exexe centor headquarters showroom warsaw poland designboom

above the reception is a large window that looks into the mezzanine level. this area, which is accessed via a perforated white stairwell to the left, is the technical part of the office.

though more private then the rest of the space, the window provides enough connection to make it cohesive with the whole.


on the ground floor, the office and conference room are accompanied by a kitchen and bathroom. depending on the occasion, a large cantor door and sliding wall element can open or close of the meeting area.

all walls are clad with various finishes, typically with opposite sides representing either interior or exterior. the showroom as a whole is a well-designed space that is suited for all business activities, all the while providing a continuous, subtle display of centor’s products.


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