Best Places to visit in Kashmir


A land of anomalies, Kashmir is most definitely a paradise on earth with its snow-capped mountains and scenic landscape. Despite the politically-induced territorial division, Kashmir sees a healthy influx of tourists from all over the world. With an eclectic mix of tourist attractions comprising of beautiful gardens, lakes, valleys, and much more, Kashmir remain one of the most celebrated tourist spots in the world – and as Led Zeppelin quotes- it still remains the Shangri-la for most Kashmiris.

Best places to visit in Kashmir


best places to visit in kashmirThe city best known for its lush gardens, serene lakes, and chameleonic landscape, Srinagar is best visited during the summer season. Relish a shikhara ride on Dal or Nagin Lake, or snap to your heart’s delight with the snow-clad Hari parbat hill in the backdrop.

Things to see and do : Dal & Nageen Lakes, Mughal Gardens, Shankaracharya Hill, Old City monumnents (Dastgir Sahib, Jama Masjid, Khanqah, and Rozabal Shrine).

When to go : June through October, December & January for snow.

Our 2 cents :

  • Stay in a houseboat to get the true Srinagar experience.
  • Evening Shikhara rides are very romantic.


best places to visit in kashmirThe undulated hilly area of Pahalgam is famous for its fertile region and rich vegetation, of which conifer forests make for a large part. Engage in various adventure sports like horseback riding, trekking, canoeing, water rafting, etc. The placid surrounding of Pahalgam with its breathtaking meadows and natural landscape is the perfect tourist destination for anyone looking to get away from the bustles of the city.

Things to see and do : Baisarn & Tulian lakes, Betab & Aru valleys.

When to go : June through October, December & January for snow.

Our 2 cents :

  • If you are driving up from Jammu to Srinagar, then Pahalgam is a good place to take a break for a couple of days.
  • Don’t forget your trekking shoes. Pahalgam offers excellent trekking opportunities.


best places to visit in kashmirLiterally translated ‘Meadow of Flowers’, Gulmarg is a picturesque hill station with vibrant flowers contrasted against the backdrop of snow-capped mountain peaks. A popular picnic spot, Gulmarg has much to offer in terms of beautiful natural beauty, and is also renowned for the highest and longest cable car system in the entire Asian continent.

Things to see and do : Gondola rides up the mountain, leisure walks through the meadows, and skiing.

When to go : June through October, December & January for snow.

Our 2 cents :

  • It is better to purchase the Gondola (cable car) tickets from Srinagar so that you don’t have to wait in line once you get to Gulmarg.
  • Avoid going to Gulmarg as part of a day trip from Srinagar. One needs to stay there for at least one night.


best places to visit in kashmirSonmarg or ‘Meadow of Gold’ is situated a few kms before the Zoji La pass, and is also a popular route to traverse to Ladakh. Abundant with beautiful flowers in an array of colors, Sonmarg is famous for its undulated and far-reaching trekking routes, which pass through many other tourist spots such as Vishansar and Gangabal lakes. A number of lakes and rivers have their confluence at Sonmarg, Nilagard where a small stream meets with River Sind is another major attraction. Vishansar Lake, located at an altitude of 4048 meters above sea level is the most popular of all the lakes in Sonmarg, and is one of the breathtaking views from the very top of the meadow.

Things to see and do : Thajiwas glacier, leisure walks through the meadows, trekking.

When to go : June through October, December & January for snow.

Our 2 cents :

  • Try the local cuisine at the small eateries along the highway.
  • Always take a guide along while trekking in snow. Some sections have very thin ice.

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