An Ultra-marathon along Iceland’s most famous hiking trail

The trek along Iceland’s most famous hiking trail is called Laugavegur and lies between Landmannalaugar and the Þórsmörk nature reserve. It is usually done in three to five days but annually a bunch of hardcore runners do it only in a matter of hours.

The route is 55 km (34.5 mi) and takes the runners up and down gloriously hued, desolate volcano hills, over bursting glacial rivers and clear blue water streams, alongside glaciers and rugged mountains, through lava fields and green valleys.

THE 2014 WINNER Þorbergur Ingi. Photo/Anna Lilja/

This year runners can expect to run some parts of the route in snow, due to how late spring arrived.

The Laugavegur run is Iceland’s most popular endurance race. It will take place for the 19th consecutive year on 19 July.

Last year participants came from 29 nations, the majority or 261 from Iceland, with the second biggest group, 28, coming from the United States.

The winner was Icelandic runner Þorbergur Ingi Jónsson, who set a new record finishing in 4hr 7min 47sec, or more than 12min faster than the previous record.

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