4 Tips for a Better Day

No matter where we are in life our own negativities can often make us feel dark, hopeless, trapped.

The following are five easy things to do, together or separate, at any time of day to make your day brighter and happier (that aren’t super lame, hard or time consuming).

1. TAKE A BREATH: Remember that lungs are the only organs that function both voluntarily and involuntarily. Whether we realize it or not, a stressful lifestyle of traveling, work, screens and sugary-glutenous foods are training the brain to compress the lungs which serves to constrict blood flow to the body causing the system undue added stress. So, please, at least once a day focus on your breath by purposefully utilizing your lungs. Breath in for a whole 10 seconds, hold for 10 seconds, and breath out for 10 seconds. Sounds tedious, but totally pays off.

2. DRINK WATER: Science can be confusing: one day reports say humans should drink 2+ gallons of water a day and then another says humans only need 4 cups a day… Well, both extremes are neither place someone should live. Instead, ere to the middle/high end of the spectrum because our common diets are so rich in salt, sugar and gluten (all hail pizza and ice cream) humans are not regularly ingesting water from food sources. Therefore, many of us have the privileged ability to ingest fresh, cold water all day, every day. More water increases metabolism, betters sleep, improves skin, provides more energy… the list can go on and on. My goal? Aim for clear to almost clear pee every single time. To start, drink a glass of water at every change of hour, and pretty soon you’ll remember quite vividly that humans and the Mother Earth are more that 70% water.

3. LOOK AT A PICTURE OF A CUTE ANIMAL: Smile and laugh! A quick giggle will magically lift a cloud of stress, and is infectious. Do not hesitate to share your joy with others because, chances are, those around you need a positive pick me up, too.

4. WRITE DOWN A WISH: We all set goals but too often they are materialistic which tend to be destructive (EX: make more money, be skinnier). Instead, brain storm to the nostalgia when you saw the world as your play ground full of endless possibilities. Ride a rainbow? Sure! Be a mermaid? Great! Whatever brings you the very most happiness to even think about even maybe someday achieving write it down (preferably somewhere you can see it everyday). Doing so will not only making you laugh (already easily fulfilling #3) but also remind you to think positivity which will only bring forth more positivity. It is no secret that you reap what you sow, so plant seeds of good and good shall come forth.



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