From Mystery Valley to Seldom Seen Rd, your American road trip photos

American road trips

View of Mystery Valley, Utah, from a cave‘This was taken from a cave in Mystery Valley, part of Monument Valley Navajo Reservation in Utah.’

American road trips

Me and Jayne on the the road‘Well, the Grand Teton’s breathless.’

American road trips

Venice beach sunset‘Snapped this sunset shot at Venice Beach during our 8500-mile road trip from New York to LA.’

American road trips

Green vintage beauty‘An amazing vintage car on the streets of Venice, Los Angeles.’

American road trips

The Road to Zion ‘The Thunderbird Restaurant. Home of the Ho-Made Pie.’

American road trips

Left mitten, Monument Valley‘Baking hot day in April 98. Good ole Kodachrome – I do miss it.’

American road trips

Route 66, November 68‘My girlfriend and I were driving from San Francisco to Boston. Our goal was to cover 500 miles a day. This leg started in Holbrook, Arizona and would end in Amarillo, Texas, 520 miles away. We hoped to get there by dark. Here we were on the high plains, entering Texas from New Mexico.’

American road trips

Outside Galax, Virginia‘Thaw after the blizzard in April 2013. Never the interstates, always the highways.’

American road trips

Pack Creek Ranch, Moab, Utah ‘Seldom Seen Road.’

American road trips

Driving through Badlands National Park ‘On one of the many roadtrips, driving from Seattle to Chicago and back, passing the Black Hills area.’

American road trips

Driving to Grand Teton national park ‘Grand Teton national park’s high elevation makes a road trip through the mountains and clouds truly beautiful.’

American road trips

Prairie Sunrise‘A friend and I were driving across the Illinois prairie at sunrise when I shot this fleeting moment from the passenger side of the car.’

American road trips

Quick Stop‘On the road in California you can make a quick stop for fresh cupcakes. (They were delicious, by the way).’

American road trips

Motel sign in Flagstaff, Arizona, by Route 66 ‘We stopped off in Flagstaff on a road trip round California and Arizona with the kids, the quintessential big America town on Route 66 and the railroad.’

American road trips

Rusty‘A very old and rusty pick-up truck near Venice Beach, in Los Angeles.’

American road trips

The Petrified Forest on Route 66, Arizona ‘The Petrified Forest is the only national park that contains a segment of the original Route 66. A line of telephone poles still marks the road bed of Historic Route 66 within the park.’

American road trips

Route 120 to Tioga Pass ‘Road trip in October 2013, Vegas to San Francisco.’

American road trips

Deep South‘Clarkesdale, Mississippi, 2009. Here, they say, Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads of Highways 61 and 49.’


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