Adorable dog does cutest Ice Bucket Challenge ever using pulley system to douse itself in water

Dog Pours Water on Its Head

  • This simple pulley system lets Buba do his very own Ice Bucket Challenge
  • The gizmo is weighted with a bottle of sand, pulling on a tiny pot of water
  • Clever pooch tips over the precariously balanced bottle with ease

It seems every human in the world has taken part in the Ice Bucket Challenge, but none are as cute as this dog volunteer.

Buba the pooch joined in the trend and performed the challenge all by himself, with the help of an ingenious invention.

Clever Buba prepares himself  for his watery adventure by busily sniffing around the wooden frame which he will stand under.

Success: Adorable Buba gets lots of pets from his owner Mr Gregor as a reward for successfully completing his challenge

The clever gizmo – a simple pulley system –  holds a small pot of water, held securely in place by a slim strap with notches on one end and a bottle of sand which acts as a weight, on the other. 

The bottle of sand balances precariously on a tiny see-saw, which can be dislodged easily with a gentle tap. 


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