Award winning goat’s cheese

Esther Haeusermann , Hans Stutz and their goats

Hans Stutz and Esther Haeusermann came from Switzerland to the Huon Valley in Tasmania with the aim of setting up a cheese making facility.

The pair started with a small herd of Toggenburg goats around a decade ago and started experimenting..

Esther Haeusermann says she learnt the basics of cheese making in the Swiss Alps when she had to handle milking cows.

“We are still a small enterprise which has grown organically, and the farm consists of just the two of us doing whatever is necessary”, she says.

The Tongola Goat Products won a category in the ABC Delicious Awards last year. They been selected as finalists this year as well.

“We source all our feed locally and use exclusively our own milk to produce our range of cheese, and we were really proud last year to win the dairy award, being such a small business.

“Furthermore we are a seasonal producer letting the goats rest during the winter months, which produces a new energy every spring in the cheese and cheese makers” says Hans.


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