16 astonishing images of islands that could disappear in the next century

THERE IS A LOT OF DEBATE about how long these islands have and which are in the most danger due to climate change.

Whether they vanish in this lifetime or stay with us for another few centuries is anyone’s guess, but one thing is clear: With the onset of rising sea levels and warming temperatures, many low-lying islands face challenges they have never faced before.

Some island nations have already begun relocation efforts for their people, including some of those pictured below.

1. Maldives

Located 400 kilometers southwest of India, this island chain has an average elevation of 1.5 meters, making it the lowest-lying country in the world.

2. Ghoramara

With a population of about 5,000, this Bengali island is located in the Sundarban Delta of India. According to Research Journal of Recent Sciences, it lost half its area between 1972 and 2010.

3. Kiribati

This country of 33 islands is located in the Pacific between Hawaii and Australia. One of the world’s most vulnerable nations to climate change, its government is searching for a place to move its 103,000 inhabitants.


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