The Top 5 Scenic Wonders of Norway

There is some amazing scenery to be on a trip to Norway and, on a Hurtigruten Voyage, we take you to extraordinary places.  Norway has stunning beauty along the coast that will take your breath away.  Highlighted below are some of the best natural features to see on a trip to Norway.

1. The Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands are an archipelago and a traditional district in the county of Nordland, Norway. Situated in the Arctic Circle, the archipelago is an anomaly as it experiences mild temperatures due to the warmth of the Gulf Stream. Lofoten is made up of seven main Islands, with 24,000 inhabitants.

The islands are the home and workplace of generations of workmen and fishermen who have learned to live in harmony with the changing moods of nature.  Often referred to as the ‘world’s most beautiful archipelago,’ Lofoten is renowned for its small, picturesque fishing villages with their bohemian atmosphere.

Positioned in between large granite cliffs with white sandy beaches, these islands are an exceptional experience. The trademark of the islands is the ‘rorbuer’, traditional fishermen’s huts that, located above the water, present magical scenery.

2.  The Norwegian Fjords

The fjords are an incredible part of the Norwegian coastline.  They are narrow inlets of the ocean that penetrate into the coast far from the mountains, a result of the ancient glaciers moving towards the sea.

Being very steep with long valleys, the high cliffs frame the waters. The fjords are natural wonders which offer incredible sights and adventure, with each fjord offering different characteristics.

The fjords feature a beautiful stillness that brings a peaceful tranquillity not found anywhere else.  Stunningly beautiful and awe-inspiring, the fjords have become synonymous with Norway.

3. The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, are an unrivalled natural phenomenon.  They are a natural light display in which colours dance across the sky.  Usually in green or pale pink, the displays have also been witnessed in red, yellow and violet.

The Northern Lights are caused by collisions between gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere with charged particles released by the Sun. Only visible within the Arctic Circle in a dark sky, when these lights occur their extraordinary beauty illuminates the sky and mesmerise all who see them.

4. The Midnight Sun

The Midnight Sun is an extraordinary natural phenomenon that takes place, above the Arctic Circle, in the summer months. During these months the sun never takes a break and remains visible at midnight, and, if the weather permits, during the solstice or between the months of May to July it can be seen for 24 hours.

Darkness is banished by the daylight, as night-time and daytime blur and the unique landscapes take on a dream-like quality. Time loses meaning to never ending rays of sunshine and communities buzz with life.

The phenomenon occurs because of the tilt in the Earth’s axis, which means the orbit of the Earth causes the North Pole to face the sun during the summer.  The Midnight Sun is a once in a life time experience, whose magical atmosphere gives the land and visitors an extra boost in energy.

5. Ålesund

Distinguished by its numerous spires, towers and highly detailed ornamentation, Ålesund is a town renowned across the world for its beautiful Art Nouveau architecture.

The town rebuilt itself after the devastating fire of 1904 in the Art Nouveau style, the architectural style of the time, drawing inspiration from all over Europe.

Ålesund is home to the picturesque fishing port of Brosundet, the special Apotekertorget square, and the beautifully decorated main street. The fascinating history of this scenery can be discovered in Jugendstilsenteret museum.


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