Staycation All I Ever Wanted

High gas prices and the costs and stress of air travel for a tropical escape isn’t your only vacation option. Just click your shoes and repeat, “there’s no place like home.” This summer, plan a “staycation”, that is, a vacation you do at home, and unwind within (or just outside) your own four walls – green of course!

We’ve all heard the coined phrase, “paradise in your own backyard.” But perhaps you aren’t ready to invest in an elaborate pool with lush plantings, or maybe you don’t even have a backyard. There are still other ways to add some soothing green without spending too much green!

The Tiki Bar is Open

In this private residence, the homeowner had an existing landscaped yard that faced one main challenge: reduce the noise and unwanted views from an adjoining neighbor’s driveway.

Not wanting to erect a stark fence, the homeowner had visions of creating something more intimate to surround the deck that would provide greater coverage, while at the same time create a focal point.

Ta-da! The idea was born to add living walls! Using an array of annuals, these living walls have turned this deck and spa space into its own tropical paradise – “the tiki bar is open!”

The benefits of this oasis don’t end come winter. In order to use the hot tub yearlong, the homeowner added a graphic banner of vegetation. Not only does it still create privacy when the living wall panels are removed, it adds a finishing touch to the fence post structure constructed for the living wall, creating continual visual appeal.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

At this private residence, the client wanted to make their entertaining / grilling area flourish with seasonal and edible color, while at the same time soften and disguise the fence that separated their property from the neighbor.

Spanning 30 feet, this living wall is full of colorful annuals, savory herbs, and textured perennials that will provide the homeowner with instant, long lasting color throughout summer. Who says good fences [with living walls] can’t make good neighbors?!

The Grass is Greener on This Side

What do you do when you live near the ocean with a balcony and no planting space? You add green walls! While the views of the private beach condo are beautiful, the balcony space was lacking color and softness. Additionally, the space was tight and didn’t allow for many planters.

Taking vertical advantage of the fence partitions on either side, four 2’ x 2’ living wall panels were hung on each and create an immediate visual impact. Whether inside or sitting on a chaise, this homeowner now has views of a lush verdant wall where previously nothing could grow – a living fence!

You don’t have to travel far to find beauty and peace, or break the bank. The key is to maximize on the space you already have and tailor it to your needs. From providing privacy, growing herbs for cooking, or having plants in spaces that wouldn’t normally allow, living walls provide the missing vertical link to enhance your staycation, and make that sanctuary just steps away…


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