The 10 Best Skis On The Market

With ski season in full swing, you’ll want to make sure you’re sporting the best gear while tearing down the slopes.

The experts at FindTheBest helped us find the best skis on the market. The skis are ranked by FTB’s Smart Rating, which accounts for ratings and awards from ski magazines, model year, and ski type.

Check out the best skis for the 2015 season.

10. 2014 Blizzard Cochise Ski ($750)

The 2014 Blizzard Cochise Ski is designed for the advanced male skier. The all-mountain skis have a hybrid rocker and flat profile, and come in four different sizes. The skis made Ski magazine’s Gold Medal Gear list.

9. 2014 Blizzard Bonafide Ski ($700)

Similar to the Blizzard Chochise, the 2014 Blizzard Bonafide Ski has the same profile and all-mountain usage. Predominantly a men’s ski, women can use Bonafide skis as long as they pay close attention to the sizing.

FTB skis 1

8. 2015 Volkl Aura Ski ($699)

The women’s 2015 Volkl Aura Ski is designed primarily for off-piste skiing, so it can handle rough terrain. The freeride skis are for the advanced skier and have a hybrid rocker-camber profile.

7. 2015 Volkl Shiro Ski ($699)

The 2015 Volkl Shiro Ski’s reverse camber profile means you’ll rarely catch an edge. Also known as the 100% rocker profile, it’s becoming increasingly popular among skiers. The Shiro is also a freeride ski designed for off-piste skiing.

6. 2015 Atomic Vantage Theory Ski ($499)

The 2015 Atomic Vantage Theory Ski is an all-mountain ski made for the intermediate male skier. The skis come in three sizes and the hybrid rocker-camber profile is great for skiing through powder.

5. 2015 Blizzard Viva 810 TI IQ Ski ($799)

The titanium and wood 2015 Blizzard Viva 810 TI IQ Ski is for the advanced female skier. The skis have a hybrid rocker-camber and were awarded On The Snow magazine’s Editor’s Choice.

FTB skis 2

4. 2015 Rossignol Soul 7 Ski ($700)

The 2015 Rossignol Soul 7 Ski is a freeride powder ski which is great for off-piste skiing. The intermediate men’s skis’ profile is 50% rocker and 50% camber. The skis float well in powdery conditions, yet can easily maneuver through tightly packed snow.

3. 2015 Atomic Vantage Ritual Ski ($700)

The advanced men’s 2015 Atomic Vantage Ritual Ski has a hybrid profile with a 65% camber and a 35% rocker. The skis were awarded Freeskier magazine’s Editor’s Pick.


2. 2015 Faction Prodigy Ski ($779)

The 2015 Faction Prodigy Ski is an advanced all-mountain ski. The men’s skis have a hybrid profile that is 85% camber and 15% rocker, and an ability to handle everything from icy conditions to slushier snow. The skis earned Freeskier magazine’s Editor’s Pick award, On the Snow magazine’s Editor’s Choice award, and the Ski magazine 2015 Ski of the Year award.


1. 2015 Nordica NRGy 100 Ski ($699)

The 2015 Nordica NRGy 100 Ski was the only one to score 100 on the Smart Rating scale. The all-mountain skis are designed for the advanced male skier. The hybrid profile is 75% camber and 25% rocker, and the skis come in four different sizes. The skis earned an Editor’s Pick award from Freeskier magazine, On the Snow magazine’s Editor’s Choice award, and Ski magazine’s 2015 Gold Medal Gear award.

Freeskier magazine writes, “Nordica’s all- mountain camROCK provides a touch of rocker in the tip and tail while employing ample camber underfoot to rip around the hill. One of our testers couldn’t agree more, saying, ‘This ski is a charger and demands respect on and off trail.'”


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